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Once site is popular  your website will be viewed all over the world. Some time you need your website available in different language. A lot of plugins are available for translate the webpage, but you can achieve this without using any plugin. In this post you will learn How to add Google Translate to WordPress without plugin and more faster way.

Click on Google Translate to get the source code. Login with your Google credential and follow the below steps –

Fill the Website Info: Fill the website name and select the language.



Update Plugin Setting: Select the other option. You can leave default.


Get the Google Language Translation Code: Get the code and add to your WordPress website.



Copy meta tag above head closing tag.

Go to Appearance->Widget. Copy the Language translation code  and past in the text widget on the sidebar.



Language translate will appear in your site like below – 



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  1. Thanks for the great info. I was doing Google “How to add language Translate to WordPress without plugin” and come to this post. This works me like charm, you rock !

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