Blogging for Money or Respect or Both – What Should It Be?

Blogging for Money or Respect

Money or Respect? When asked this question what do people usually choose? There is no unanimous answer to this question; some will choose money saying the key to earning respect is earning a lot of money. There are others who will choose the latter saying respect is more important, more soul-satisfying and often followed by […]

Top 5 Antivirus Software of 2014

top 5 antivirus 2014

Viruses, malware are not easy to detect and can easily destroy your PC. It can destroy all your important files and data if you are not alert. That’s where antivirus software comes in. If you are a regular internet user, you won’t even know when your PC is downloading spyware, malware and other harmful viruses […]

Three iOs apps for practical users

Dashline 2.0

Dropbox Sharing files between iOS devices becomes easier with the application. No doubt, that this approach is much more convenient than sending e-mails and using thimb drive. The interface of Dropbox is terrific! The application is easy in use, in case you need help, tutorial provides you with all answers concerning this app. To download it […]