The review about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

We have already talked about so many recovery tools till the date but when it comes to free recovery then I love it. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is recovery software for Windows that supports file, partition and complete recoveries of data. Although there is lots of other tools are also available for data recovery but you know there’s always a room for improvement. Data recovery consumes heavy money and time so EaseUS provides a free file Continue Reading

Solve the Mystery: Picking the Right Social Monitoring Software for Your Business

Help: Right Social Monitoring Software

There are numerous ways companies can leverage social channels to grow their business. One of the best ways to make the most of social media is by listening to what your customers and potential customers have to say about your brand. Why Social Listening is Important? Businesses can use social media to market their products and services to potential customers; it also helps a business connect with its customers post purchase. While social media Continue Reading

Top tips for developing outstanding MVC apps

A closer look at MVC framework

After gathering an incredible amount of appreciation as one of the finest application development frameworks, is all geared up for helping developers build web pages and websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting language. Supporting three key development models viz: MVC(Model View Controller), Web Pages and Web Forms, is the right tool for developers who're intending to create enterprise web applications or are Continue Reading

Blogging for Money or Respect or Both – What Should It Be?

Blogging for Money or Respect

Money or Respect? When asked this question what do people usually choose? There is no unanimous answer to this question; some will choose money saying the key to earning respect is earning a lot of money. There are others who will choose the latter saying respect is more important, more soul-satisfying and often followed by financial gains. Psychological scientists at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, published a Continue Reading

How to Expose Your CMS-Thief? Detective Story with the Happy End

Digital Connectivity

Have you ever noticed that something goes wrong with your website? Like traffic gaps, poor social media sharings, or simply your site looks like a relic of the past… If you have been running your web project quite for a long time, more likely, you fall the victim of your own CMS. It’s true - the danger often hides where you cannot even imagine. You know, with the growth and improvement of web technologies, there are more and more CMS software Continue Reading

Will Good Web Hosting and SSL Certificate Boost Your Brand Website?

Web Hosting and SSL Certificate

Internet marketers often find themselves in a fix when it comes to the efficiency of their web hosting and the importance of SSL certificate. They often come across a question – whether a good web hosting and SSL certificate can help then in getting good returns from their website? If you are one amongst those internet marketers or bloggers who have come across this question, this article will help you understand the importance of a good web Continue Reading

Facebook or MySpace Bug Resources System to Reverse Possible Online Hacking Attacks


Technological advancements have seen a fast evolution in the world's use of the internet. This has seen an increase in internet use. However, as much as others have taken this opportunity to use it in the right way, others have decided to take advantage of it and use it for purposes that are not in accordance with the law. These individuals are specifically technological experts who have decided to use this opportunity to gain illegal access of Continue Reading

Advantages of Using online Website Builder Over Standalone Web Editor

website builder

A website can be designed by either using a Web Editor, a CMS (Content Management System) or Online Site Builder, etc. You may wonder how difficult it would be for a web developer to choose a convenient method among them. Well, every method is distinguishable from each other and has their own set of advantages. We here mention some benefits of using Online Site Builder over Web Editor. But, before we begin, let us get familiar with how these two Continue Reading

Top 5 Antivirus Software of 2014

top 5 antivirus 2014

Viruses, malware are not easy to detect and can easily destroy your PC. It can destroy all your important files and data if you are not alert. That’s where antivirus software comes in. If you are a regular internet user, you won’t even know when your PC is downloading spyware, malware and other harmful viruses behind your back. These dangerous malware can hide inside innocent web-pages and emails and then suddenly attack your PC if your PC is not Continue Reading

Three iOs apps for practical users

Dashline 2.0

Dropbox Sharing files between iOS devices becomes easier with the application. No doubt, that this approach is much more convenient than sending e-mails and using thimb drive. The interface of Dropbox is terrific! The application is easy in use, in case you need help, tutorial provides you with all answers concerning this app. To download it you won’t have to waste much time. Dropbox easily and quickly uploads even the biggest files. It gives an Continue Reading