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How enhancements in technology are making private jet chartering more affordable and accessible than ever before.

The Wings of Technology: Affordable Private Jet Chartering

There are very few areas of our lives that are not touched by technology, the way we shop, the way we bank and even the way we meet people can and often does involve technology. Greater efficiency, affordability and improved services are just some of the areas in which technology has been beneficial and that’s exactly what has happened in the private jet chartering sector.

Where One Leads…

It is a pattern that is now very common to us, technological innovation is successfully used in one industry and before you know it, it is being replicated somewhere else. Take Uber, for example, they revolutionised the way that the taxi industry works. Now, that technology, along with the Uber business model, has been applied to the private jet charter sector and the results are surprising.

Accessing Private Jet Travel

Fly Victor is one of a new breed of private jet charter companies who have made hiring a plane cheaper and thus more accessible to customers. Using the company app, clients and customers are able to register with Fly Victor, then search and book private jets to, and from, destinations all over the world. The app itself makes the whole process extremely quick and simple, it is a great example of how new technology can be effectively applied to a range of business scenarios – but the advantages don’t end there.

It’s More Affordable

The adoption of new technology has made accessing private jet travel easier, but it has also made it cheaper and to understand why you need to look at the business model. One of the main reasons that travelling on a private jet is now more affordable is because the new business model means less empty seats.

As opposed to booking the whole jet, clients now book individual seats, the remaining seats will still be available to other clients and are therefore the jet is less likely to remain empty – essentially, you are sharing the private jet.

This does, of course raise several questions, not least of which is – well, why not just fly first class?

Advantages of Flying Privately

There are several advantages to flying privately. Flying privately is quicker, there is no need to turn up to the airport hours before take-off and stand around in queues. It is not unusual for passengers on private jets to arrive at the airport just 20 minutes before take-off. Also, passengers have more choice when it comes to choosing which airports to use.

Once aboard a private jet, you will find you have more space, making working or relaxing much easier. Plus, it is quieter as there aren’t as many people aboard and those who are, will likely want a similar experience to you.

Private jet travel has become a viable alternative to travelling business or first class via chartered flights and so is well worth looking into – the wings of technology are flying high.


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