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Arras is a superb WordPress theme, and is currently being used on many different technology and gadget blogs to power their websites.  I love the free WordPress Arras theme download and have plans to expand upon my own websites using this free theme a lot more in the next few months – but in the meantime here are what I think are the top websites that use the Arras Theme – some of which I have taken some inspiration for some of the many websites I currently manage.

That Use WordPress Arras Theme & Customization


The PonderBlog is a great example of how you go widescreen with the Arras Theme.  Great use of background images too!  The blog is an online magazine aimed at students and journalists.


This website has great typography, beautiful background images, and some superb content.  GreyFox uses the Arras Theme to its full capability and the designer really knows how to get the best out of CSS.

Filmi Musings

This independent Indian Cinema Review website uses the Arras WordPress theme to great effect, with some good use of colors plus the two column right hand side approach enable them to really make use of a lot of clickable content.

Techno Baboy

If you like nice and clean design that’s easy to navigate then check out Techno Baboy.  The information is really well laid out and easy to use – and whilst it won’t win any design awards, the usability is definitely a big hit.

Anime Blog

With a slight nod to Japanese design, the Anime Blog is at the height of Arras Theme customization.  It’s all about Manga cartoons, but even if that’s not your bag, you will still love the design they’ve implemented.

Lone Placebo

It’s got a strange name admittedly, but is another great example of how the Arras WordPress Theme can be used to create a very clean and usable looking website – it’s another technology blog with some well written content.

Funk Naughty

This website covers topics for DJs such as how to become a DJ, and also information onPioneer CDJs, and digital mixing software.  The site looks very slick and makes use of some excellent photography.


Quite simply this looks very cool.  Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of their website too, because they have implemented a very nice looking footer that contains deep links into other areas of the Arras Theme CSS tweaking.

More Information on Arras

If you want to find out more information about the Arras WordPress theme then you should check out the official website on:  The WordPress theme is free to download the support forum is very comprehensive if you want to customize your install to your own design and requirements.

About the Author: Jon Simpkins is a technology blogger based in Arizona. Jon runs a number of different gadget and technology blogs which use the free Arras WordPress theme.  Check out this new Honda Navigation DVD 2013 page which took a lot of inspiration from the latest version of the theme.

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