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There’s no questioning the fact that you as an employer need your employees to really fire in order to give your business a real chance of thriving in the competitive market. However, when employees are lazy and don’t give their 100% at work, then things can get pretty ugly for both you and your business. This is where a tool like monitoring software can really come in handy. It empowers you to keep an eye on your employees, thus allowing you to ensure that they set and keep their priorities straight. Some of the ways in which it accomplishes this are outlined below..

Keep an Eye on Workplace Communications

Usually at workplace, employees use emails and Skype to communicate with each other. These tools are allowed to improve the workflow. However, employers often get rather casual with them and begin conversing with each other on random topics and exchanging non-work related emails, hence wasting their time. This is where you need to seek help from StealthMate as it allows you to keep an eye on Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo emails, plus it can also keep tabs on Skype conversations. This way you will know what kind of communication is taking place between the employees. If you notice someone wasting a large chunk of their time talking on things that have got nothing to do with work, then you can single them out and confront them. Others will take note and will most likely stay focused on their duties from thereon.


Keep Them Off Facebook

If you keep them off emails and Skype, chances are that they will migrate to Facebook and chat with their friends there. However, that can be discouraged as well with the help of StealthMate. This tool makes it possible for you to monitor all Facebook chats. If you find your employees spending an unacceptable amount of time chatting there, you can easily intervene and stop it.

Keep Tabs on Their Browsing

Internet access is given at almost every workplace with the idea that it will enhance employees’ performance. However, the reality often turns out to be completely opposite. Instead of using web access to improve their overall efficiency and productivity, they start using it to waste time on visiting random sites. This of course hurts a business. This is just unacceptable attitude at work, but is quite difficult to control without the aid of a monitoring tool like StealthMate. With its help, you can keep an eye on the browsing history of each and every individual working for you. If you find someone excessively surfing the web, then you can step in and deal with them however you like.

With StealthMate on the Job, Your Business is Bound to Boom

Keylogging and Screenshots

Apart from the aforementioned features, StealthMate offers keylogging and screenshots. Keylogging enables you to know each and every word being typed into your employees’ computer, which also helps you get a very idea of how active they are on their computers or laptops. On the other hand, the screenshot capture feature takes screenshots after regular intervals to give you a visual of what your workers are up to. Both of these are amazing offerings and work flawlessly.

All the aforementioned features work in tandem to make StealthMate an incredible monitoring solution that can prove extremely effective in keeping employees from slacking off at work. Upon deployment of the tool, you won’t have to wait very long to see a significant rise in your employees’ output, which of course will help your business flourish.

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