Internet marketers often find themselves in a fix when it comes to the efficiency of their web hosting and the importance of SSL certificate. They often come across a question – whether a good web hosting and SSL certificate can help then in getting good returns from their website? If you are one amongst those internet marketers or bloggers who have come across this question, this article will help you understand the importance of a good web hosting and a SSL certificate.

Importance of Good Web Hosting for Your Website

Your web hosting is one of the most crucial things when it comes to the efficient functioning of your website. It’s you hosting that offers you a good disk space and bandwidth which sustains huge number of constant traffic. Hence, it’s your prime goal to select an effective server while hosting your website.

Web Hosting and SSL Certificate

Web hosting comes in three major types – shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated hosting. Each of these hosting types has their own specifications and one must select his/her hosting plan according to their need.

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However, some of the aspects that remain important and should be followed while buying a hosting plan include:


#1 Authentic Web Hosting Service Provider

These days you will come across a huge number of service providers that lure you with cheap hosting plans with high specifications. However, you must choose only those providers who are well known and in the industry from quite some time.

Buying a web hosting from a new hosting provider can cause you serious problems. Consider you site goes down for some or the other reason due to which you lose your potential business. Apart from this, frequent site downs can also affect SEO rankings. You can use web hosting from reputed companies like Bluehost. Bluehost coupons can help you to get some discount while registering web hosting.


#2 Disk Space and Bandwidth Allocation

This point usually gets ruled out if you are buying Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or dedicated servers. Most often when you opt for shared hosting packages, disk space and bandwidth often remain a huge concern. Even if most of the service providers offer you with unlimited plans, these two constraints have their own restrictions.


 #3 CMS Support

Content Management Systems (CMS) today have become one of the most important services offered by the web hosting service providers. Ensure that your service provider provides you with the CMS support. Most of the providers offer single click install of popular CMS like the WordPress. This helps the newbie bloggers to setup their blogs within minutes and start blogging the next minute.


#4 Customer Support

Customer support remains one of the basic needs whenever you buy a web hosting service. If you’re not technically expert or if your site faces some problem, you must have an efficient customer support at your help. Thus, ensure that your provider offers you a good support team that can be reached over phone, email or even a live chat.


#5 Site Backup

Ensure whether your hosting provider offers you with a site backup. Your hosting servers are just large computers that are equally prone to crashes. Though, prominent service providers assure you that their servers and your data remains safe, it’s still precautionary to take timely backup of your site. Ask your provider if they offer you any site backup or the procedure that helps you take it for yourself.


#6 Security

Security is other important parameter while choosing a good web hosting for your website. Web hosting servers are often under attack from hackers. Thus, securing them from such attacks is important. One of the best ways to secure your website is using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

You may often come across your web hosting provider offering you with SSL certificates. Opting for this certificate will help you create an encrypted connection between your web server and visitor’s web server thus offering you perfect security.

If your website obtains important information from your visitors, it’s mandatory to have SSL certificate for your website. This not just makes your website authentic but also helps you preserving every piece of data.


Hope the above information helps you in understanding the importance of a good web hosting. A good web hosting along with an SSL certificate helps you in making your website authentic thus increases your business.