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You have a personal Facebook profile that you use to communicate with your friends and family. Now you also have a business. If you want your business to be on Facebook, what do you do? Change the personal name on your profile to your company’s name, or open up a new account for your business, and you’re all set? No – this is one rookie mistake you don’t want to make; your business does not need a profile. It needs a facebook page, and promoting Facebook page to gain more audience is most important part of social media marketing.There’s a big difference, so let’s explore.

Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page – Not a Profile


Technically, if you create a Facebook profile for your business, you’re violating Facebook’s Terms of Service. Facebook only allows people to have profiles. Businesses cannot have profiles; they must have pages. If you give your business a profile, Facebook can instantly shut it down. If you were operating under the radar for a while, you may lose a lot of valuable connections, posts, and information.


One of the major differences between profiles and pages is friends and likes. Profiles get friends, and pages get likes. Profiles can have up to 5,000 friends, while pages can have an unlimited number of likes. Don’t sell your business short and limit yourself to only 5,000 fans. Hopefully your business will one day soon outgrow that number, and you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot.


Here is a very important reason your business needs a page and not a profile: It’s more professional. People who frequent Facebook know the difference between pages and profiles. If your business has a profile, they won’t take you quite so seriously. You’ll seem like a Facebook novice, and it will see unprofessional. Having a page proves that you’re sincere to do things properly.


Having a profile for your business will not help raise your rank in the search engines. This is a detail that any serious business owner will consider extremely important. Facebook business pages are indexed by search engines, while personal profiles are not. Your Facebook page will help you get more credibility with the search engines, and it will help people locate you online; a profile won’t improve your SEO.


You have the ability to do a lot more customization with a page than with a profile. All you have to do is look at Facebook pages of very successful companies to see the potential. For one thing, you can add third-party applications to enhance your page. You can also customize how it looks and what tabs people can click on. In comparison, a profile has almost no customization options for your benefit.


Another top reason your business needs a page instead of a profile is Facebook Insights. Insights is a powerful and incredibly valuable tool offered by Facebook to business pages only. Here you’ll be able to learn a great deal about the habits of your fans, the success of your posts, and more. You can analyze shares and likes, and view important data that can help you refine your Facebook marketing efforts.

This article on putting your business on Facebook was prepared by Travis Lee in tandem with SEOMap – the keyword strategy experts.

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