This article looks at the importance of incorporating search engine optimisation into a website design, both to optimise search rankings and save time and money in the long term.

Website Redesign

It is generally recommended that, to keep things fresh, a website is redesigned every three to five years. Of course, you may do this more regularly or less so depending on competition and the amount of business you get through your website. An old looking website can look like a business has closed down, and certainly is unlikely to inspire confidence in potential customers.

Why is SEO within site design so important?

Search Engine Trust

If you are an established online business and have already achieved excellent search results without doing too much work on the optimisation side of things, then carrying out some form of search engine optimisation will build your trust rating with search engines even more.

Get ready for your business to experience even more positive results!

Page Rankings

More often than not, a complete redesign of a website will involve some degree of new or renamed pages. By taking care of the SEO aspect while redesigning and creating the content for each page, you will automatically be putting work into those page rankings immediately. If you simply make your site go live before conducting any of the SEO work first, you will then have to work with the site operational to make improvements. Much easier to do it the other way then, especially as you will be able to easily start reviewing data to see whether or not your keywords are working right from the get-go.

This will make you much more pro-active in helping your site achieve the success you want, rather than dwelling in the backwaters of the none-visited pages of search results.

URL Structure

By considering the URL structure and incorporating keywords within it, you will avoid any ridiculously long site addresses incorporating various digits and any ugly “/index/page” type scenarios that will look bad both to search engines as well as people. Once the URL structure is in place it can be difficult to change, so if ever there was a case of needing to get something right first time, this is it.

Most people who work online understand the importance of search engine optimisation. When redesigning your website, choose a designer with proven skill in this field, or alternatively select an SEO professional who will be happy to work alongside a site designer on your behalf. Spending the additional time to get the SEO right on a new website will reap dividends in the future.

Bough SEO is a professional full service Search Engine Marketing company based in the UK. With the boom of SEO marketing, Stuart Green shares this guide when designing a website.