Fed up with your carefully crafted emails being ignored? Heartbreaking, isn’t it? But here is an infographic that sums up why that might be happening to you. Take a look below and you might just get the answer you’re looking for (or at the very least a pointer towards it.) I’ve found it enlightening.

The surprising thing is the open rate. Only 18% of emails are opened. For every one hundred emails we send out, only 18 are opened! The odds are against us at the very start. Improving deliverability of our emails is then very important as we have to make sure that every one we intend to send gets through.

Then there is the statistic on revenue from emails – marketers have seen a 760% increase when using ‘segmented campaigns’! That blew me away. I haven’t used segmented campaigns but a number like that tells me I really have no choice.

And the most interesting for me is the advice to provide only one CTA (or Call To Action) in our emails – that means give no choice to recipients other than a single link or button – presumably to a crafted squeeze page / landing page. I hadn’t thought of that but I am going to give it a try!

Everything That’s Wrong With Your Email - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: Everything That’s Wrong With Your Email by Campaign Monitor