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We should all, as webmasters, be grateful to Google. While we might feel that it’s our prerogative to moan about the search giant from time to time, and while they’ve certainly done things in the past to warrant said moaning, the reality is that anyone who makes money from AdSense owes their career to the infrastructure that this company put in place. They are our employers to all extents and purposes and while you might not always love working with them, it’s certainly preferable to not being able to work with them.

Case in point those who have their AdSense accounts banned by Google whether fairly or not & sometimes it can cost you hundreds or even thousands, and if you don’t have a contingency plan it can leave you wondering whether there’s a future for your web business. So what do you do if you do find yourself in this position? Here we will look at your options.

Contact Google

If you want to get your AdSense account back then obviously one course of action is to try contacting Google and requesting it. This can possibly work if you think there’s been a mistake or if you think you may have been a victim of fraud AdSense clicks, but be warned that it’s rare for Google to overturn a decision like this and there’s a good chance you just won’t hear back from them.

Make a New Google Account

This is relatively easy as long if you’re self employed & you just need to switch to a business account or use a partner or relative’s details. Don’t get into any dodgy tax evasion here & make sure you still declare all the earnings as yours & but if you have another account you can pay into you can carry on going.

Switch to Another Network

There are plenty of other PPC advertising networks on the web and some of these are more flexible and less strict than Google. Switching to one of these then can get you earning again, and in some cases it may even be more profitable.

Find Other Ways to Monetize

This though is my favourite solution & and that’s to do away with PPC altogether. You see if you use PPC you’re essentially positioning yourself at the bottom of the pile and sending your traffic to another site that can make more money off of it than they’re paying you. Most likely this means that they’re selling a product or a service and as such they can afford to pay a few cents per click because they can potentially earn dollars or hundreds of dollars from a single visitor.

Using AdSense may seem convenient, but there are many digital products you can sell that will be just as convenient whether that’s an eBook, an online course, some software or something that’s been 3D printed. And even if you don’t have a product then you could always sign up to an affiliate scheme and sell that way. This way you can keep the visitors on your site and make more money from clicks & getting banned might just be the best thing that ever happened to your website

The article is contributed by Ryan Swansea who is a SEO expert and authors numerous guest posts related to SEO and internet marketing. He also works for Wisdek, search engine marketing company to give you best google seo service in Toronto.

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