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Even if there are no written set rules concerning how to use Twitter, there are some ‘good practices’ especially when employing Twitter for business. Very many small business establishments get it wrong. Wondering what not to do when using Twitter for business? The following paragraphs describe some effective tip.

Don’t Leave Your Picture and Biography Blank
A lot of people never even look at accounts with blank bio and default egg image of Twitter. Exhaust the 160 features of the bio; show what you do and who you are, and insert relevant keywords. You should use your professional photo and not photos of your meals, dog, and your children at the beach etc. It’s worthwhile to use your photo since people are likely to interact with individuals than brands. Note that the key of ‘Social Media’ is being ‘Social’. It’s also vital to use bright colored pictures as they attract the attention of your potential followers and aids in creating brand awareness on Twitter.

Twitter For Business

Don’t Use Upper Case Letters
This is a valid and basic rule on the internet. Upper case letters should be avoided at all costs. This is also critical in your biography.

Don’t Send Private Messages
Some people believe welcome messages are compulsory while others think otherwise. The notion is marvelous; it’s in the social domain and it may be seen as a good attention. The problem is, however, in between; almost everyone generates automated private messages and so these floods the Inbox.

Whether manual or automated, don’t use them. If you intend to welcome new members, then a public welcome tweet would be an ideal alternative.

Don’t Use Validation Services Or TrueTwit
When you filter followers of your account, it’s different. However, the use of validation services like TrueTwit is not a great idea for your professional or business account because you will lose followers. Many people will avoid the validation request and will unfollow you.

Don’t Make The Tweets Private
Many small businesses go through a lot to create Twitter accounts, send the tweets, insert specific keywords, follow all the stipulated recommendations… and those are private. If you are involved in this, then it’s clear that you don’t know what Twitter can help you accomplish in your business and so, you lack a productive and conspicuous Twitter strategy. You can do everything you want with your personal account but you should never ever make the business account private.

Don’t Use Auto Follow Back
Auto-follow back is not good for you. For instance, if your business were in the pornographic industry, you would not want to follow Twitter accounts of sex-shops publicly. You should know that the people you follow and those who follow you could be seen by anyone. This is also true for political or religious followers. Know it’s your brand and you may not desire its affiliation with anything and everything. Therefore, you must be selective on following back; this means you must never set automatic follow back on a business account.

If you avoid the aforementioned practices, you will be able to successfully market and draw potential customers to your business.

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Alex D. Gomez is a social media consultant with a fanatical passion for marketing. His advice on how to buy Twitter followers cheap is sought by many businesses.

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