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Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple remains a strong competitor in multiple technology markets. When they release an update of an existing product or a new product, the anticipation and media hype are still quite palpable. 2013 may be a big year for Apple. Below are some rumors about what Apple has in store to release in 2013. Most of these rumors are substantiated and are based on Apple’s previous product cycles.

The first updated product is the much anticipated iPhone 5S. This is rumored to debut sometime in the fall of 2013, specifically around August or September. While there is not a whole lot of detail about what new features might be provided on the phone, fans will still be waiting in line for the new release. Rumors also indicate that the iPhone 5S will be available not only in the United States, but also in other emerging markets.

Another rumor is a new product known as the iPhone Mini. Since the inception of the iPhone, many customers have been longing for a smaller and cheaper iPhone. In 2013, their dreams may just come true.

Colored iPhones are another rumor for 2013. Traditionally, the iPhone has been available only in chrome, white, or black depending on the year it was released. However, Apple may just try to spice things up in 2013 by offering one of their most popular items in color.

A new Mac Pro, Apples desktop computer aimed at professional developers and designers, is slated to appear in 2013. It has been 266 days since its last update and rumors have indicated that this new machine will be updated before the year ends. Further, some European online Apple stores have taken down the existing Mac Pro computers from their list of current inventory. If history is any indication, this is often a sign that a product will be updated in a short period of time.

The Macbook Pro, Apple’s most popular laptop is also rumored to be released in 2013. It has been 266 days since its last update, which is one of the longer periods of time between updates.

Finally, Apple has already announced a 4-inch iPod Touch and Multitouch iPod Nano. This will be released some time in 2013.

Those are Apples latest product updates and innovations for 2013. Be sure to wait to purchase a new product if it will be updated soon.

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