There are many ways of doing online marketing these days. One of the most effective of these is the use of videos to promote your business. Though most people realize the potential of videos as marketing tools, there are many new webmasters who may not realize just how powerful they are. When you are thinking of using such videos to market your services or products, you may want to do so in such a manner that you will end up with the most effective campaign you can come up with. To do this, you may need to first sort out issues such as what kind of video you want to come up with. When it comes to marketing, there are several kinds of promotional videos that you can use, including:

Viral videos

This is quite probably the best kind of marketing tool for anyone looking to do online marketing. By definition, viral videos are videos that are wildly popular, and which gain the attention of millions of people within a very short time span. This means that if you can come up with one, you can encourage a huge number of people to visit your site or try out the product or service you are trying to market.

Unfortunately, there is no formula to making a viral video. In fact, a video can only be considered to be viral after it has been made and distributed and when it has many viewers in a short time. The only way to try to make one is by being creative, and also taking into consideration the prevailing social circumstances. For instance, in order to come up with a viral video that is going to be appreciated by many, you may need to make it have a theme that is consistent with the current socioeconomic climate.

Informative videos

You can also use a few informative videos to try to encourage people to buy some of your goods or services. For instance, if you run a forex company, you can use videos to give information such as how your customers can figure out whether to buy or sell a particular currency pair. Such videos should have information that is easy to understand and also accurate. Once you do this, you can then offer them a chance to sign up with your forex company in order to put in practice what they have just learnt. You can use this for all kinds of products and services.


Most shoppers these days thrive on reviews. For instance, when you are thinking of buying a new phone, you may go online to read a few reviews to find out whether what you are thinking of getting is worth it or not. You can easily use videos to accomplish this task and also to encourage people to buy form your store. For instance, when you sell electronics such as TVs, you can start a channel on a site such as YouTube, where you offer reviews of the most popular products you have on sale.

At the end of each review, you can then provide the viewer with a link that they can visit in order to buy the product from your store. When you decide to go down this road, you need to make sure that the videos you provide are of high quality, and that they offer information that your users will appreciate. For instance, when reviewing a TV, you may be better off talking about features instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the TV, which most users may not be interested in.


This is the most popular method of using videos for marketing. If you are thinking of using ads in this manner, you need to keep a few things in mind. For one, you have to make sure that they are short and interesting. It is always a good idea to infuse a little humor into the ad, since this will attract far more visitors. You may also need to be careful about how you promote such an ad, since this will affect its success. For instance, when you need to reach more people, you should share it in many sites such as all the social networks instead of focusing on YouTube alone.

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