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Online social networking has opened the door to many Internet marketing opportunities, and Twitter has proven to be the most versatile of the social media outlets for this purpose. Real estate agents thrive on maintaining open lines of communication, and this is just one of the strengths of Twitter. What makes this sharing and micro-blogging platform ideal for real estate professionals is that some of its third-party tools and apps seem to have been developed with the housing market in mind.

Before reviewing the Twitter tools below, it is important that real estate professionals realize that the network is only as powerful as the social circles created by netizens. Every tweet sent has the potential to gain more followers, but the real estate basics of reaching out to people and looking for prospects still apply in Twitter. Before asking prospects to follow a Twitter feed, they must be targeted adequately.

Prospects can be found on Twitter by geographical location, industry, and topics. Twitter offers its own search feature, but other web-based tools like Monitter and Twinitor make this task a bit easier and more interactive. A Cleveland-based real estate agent, for example, can narrow his or her search to certain neighborhoods where Twitter members are commenting on area homes. The idea is to gain as many followers as possible, and then keep them engaged with quality, relevant content.

Combining Tweriod with Buffer

Sharing content is at the heart of any Twitter business strategy, but some realtors tend to either get out of hand by sending out a dozen tweets at once or by missing that perfect window of opportunity when their followers are online. The real-time Internet paradigm makes it imperative to send out tweets at the right time, and this means when Twitter followers are actively online.

Buffer is essentially a clipboard that allows easy sharing of web-based content on Twitter. Buffer can be used to accumulate content and to schedule the right time to send out tweets. They can be spaced out to avoid overwhelming the Twitter feeds of followers, and they can also be scheduled to be sent out only when there are enough followers online. This is where Tweriod comes in.

Buffer excels at automation, but it does not predict when followers are online. Tweriod, on the other hand, takes a look at the Twitter habits of your followers and provides insight as to when the majority of your followers are online and active. This would be the right time to send out those tweets accumulated by Buffer, and Tweriod also allows report customization so that real estate agents can properly schedule when to notify Twitter followers about a drastically reduced price on a listing.

Tweetreach: How far are your tweets really traveling?

Tools like Buffer let users know when a tweet was read, but what about retweets and shared content? Thanks to Tweetreach, realtors can find out exactly how many accounts were reached and how many individual impressions were made by a single topic. Tweetreach is a web-based service that provides information on all the accounts that a single tweet, URL or shared content reached over a certain period. Real estate professionals who have used Tweetreach are often surprised at just how far a single tweet travels, and careful analysis of these reports can identify additional prospects or define a content strategy.

Listorious: Free market intelligence

In real estate, like in many other professions, it pays to spy on the competition and learn from the best. Listorious is a web-based service that organizes influential Twitter members by interests, occupations and by the content they share. Real estate agents can follow competitors in their own housing markets in order to stay in the loop, learn about successful transactions, and identify listing trends. Many of the lists on Listorious are carefully curated by members who have an honest interest in how Twitter can shape their chosen fields.

Ben Sawyer is Social Media Marketing analyst for a long time. He is in Internet marketing for more than a 5 years. Ben created some very successful viral campaign for his previous clients. Currently, Arverne by the Sea, a real estate company from New York, hired him for improving their online presence. He created a Twitter campaign for them and shared his tips about it with us, in this article.

  1. Thank you very much for tuning in Ross! It was wrsdpoers at a very basic level. But I think sometimes we try to teach people how to run before they even know how to crawl.I wanted to focus on the basics, sell the simplicity, and push people to take action. If I hear one more Realtor tell me they don’t have time, well I guess Ill just have to hear it again!But seriously, between 5-6am every morning is perfectly acceptable blogging time.I enjoyed your Facebook class as well, very informative.

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