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If you have noticed photos on Twitter have begun appearing off center then you may be wondering what’s going on. Twitter tweeted today that Instagram have disabled Twitter card integration meaning that photos posted from Instagram on Twitter will appear off center or cropped. This is because the photo editing suite wants viewers to view photos on its own website and not on the social networks

The CEO of Instagram has said that while the relationship between Twitter and his company may be evolving that the two would always be compatible. He said he always envisioned Instagram being integrated into Twitter in one form or another but he said that the company’s policy was to always encourage people to go to their own site and hence it wouldn’t be a wise move to provide its best features to its competitors.

Since its inception instagram has mainly been a photo editing client which has been used through other sites and mediums. However its nature is changing and it no longer wants to play second fiddle to other websites.

At a conference in Paris he stated “Really, it’s about where do you go to consume that image, to interact with that image. We want that to be on Instagram,” he went on to say that he felt his company needed a really strong web presence which people were comfortable using.

Many believed that the decision to disable integration with Twitter was influenced by the fact that Instagram was recently purchased by Facebook but the CEO has dismissed this as untrue.

“This decision is definitely coming from me, This is not a case of Facebook putting some sort of policy on Instagram. And this isn’t a consequence of us getting acquired.”

He also denied that the change was revenge after Twitter stopped is application from accessing followers lists he went on to accuse the press of beating up the story and trying to create a conflict where there was none.”The press has a history of painting things this way. We have a really good relationship with Twitter,” he said.

Twitter cards were introduced in June and were meant to be a way for third parties to integrate their content into Twitter. They allowed third parties to present their images and previews in a more engaging way and allowed people to tweet about things outside of Twitter more easily.

Twitter and Instagram used to be close allies in the war against social networking giant Facebook. The partnership was mutually beneficial because it allowed both to compete with Facebook’s photo sharing capabilities. Obviously Facebook’s purchase of the photo editing suite has meant that the relationship is less close.

From now on in histogram photos will appear just like they did before Twitter cards were introduced. They will still be able to be seen but just won’t be as nicely presented. Twitter are also pushing alternatives to Instagram for users to use to post photos which are more Twitter friendly and haven’t disabled the Twitter card feature

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