Touted as a “one-click phone to phone content transfer” solution, MobileTrans is a simple but powerful software created to facilitate the transfer of all important data from one phone to another. It provides the guarantee that everything you transfer will not suffer any data loss, that all your data will be completely the same as the original. It is designed for Windows computers and can be obtained for $39.95, but you also have the option to get the free trial version before buying.

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Until you actually experience using it, you wouldn’t think Wondershare MobileTrans is something even worth considering. You may have been through different smartphones in the past without needing any tool to help move all the things from your old phone to the new one. So why should you think of getting MobileTrans now?

Allow me to present some of the most compelling reasons:

  • Data stored on smartphones now have become tenfolds bigger than before. That’s why you need something that can conveniently and quickly move all of them without the risks of getting corrupted due to disconnections, minor glitches, or other problems. 
  • There are different kinds of data that need different ways of handling. Unlike before, mobile phone users only needed to worry about transferring messages and contact numbers. Now, contact details have been extended to include job titles and email addresses. There are also data from calendars, memos, and organizers that need to be moved.
  • You also need different approaches for handling the data stored in phones under different networks. You might encounter problems in trying to move data from your Verizon to your Sprint or AT&T device. MobileTrans can address these problems.

These are the reasons why MobileTrans can be a good solution to use. These are also the reasons why MobileTrans apparently created the following features:


  • “One click” transfers not just for contact details but also for call logs, SMS, multimedia content, and apps
  • Support for multiple devices with different operating systems – Symbian, iOS, and Android
  • Data transfer compatibility regardless of cellular carrier or network
  • 24-hour technical service
  • App transfers between Android phones except when the app has already become incompatible with the later Android OS version
  • Continuous transfers useful for moving very large files

Having tried the different features of MobileTrans, it is safe to say that they do what they are supposed to do except for the “one click” transfers. You actually have a few other clicks to do before transfers are initiated. However, this is not something I consider as a disadvantage. It’s just a little marketing exaggeration that does no harm. Actually, MobileTrans indeed provides simple and quick transfers but it’s nowhere near a “one-click” affair – which is good since it will be cumbersome accidentally initiating transfers when you don’t really intend to.

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  • User-friendly Interface
  • Seamless phone data transfer
  • Selective data transfer or continuous full data transfer
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free customer service

Just like with other Wondershare, software you can expect intuitiveness or an easy-to-user interface in MobileTrans. All the toggles and buttons for various functions can be easily located and used. The software is also reliable. It gets the job done as promised. You also get the convenience of selective data transfer or gapless full data transfers as long as the phones are connected to the computer.


  • Unlimited functions for Android devices but has limitations for iPhones
  • MobileGo appears to be a better, more cost effective software
  • 1 year free software updates only

Unfortunately, MobileTrans is mainly intended for Android users. If you are moving data between an iPhone and an Android device, you can’t transfer call logs from the iOS device to Android. You can only move virtually everything from one Android phone to another, regardless of differences in the operating system versions used. Also, you can move only the contacts from iOS, Android, and Symbian devices to a Symbian device.

if you examine MobileTrans and compare it with MobileGo, both created by Wondershare, you would probably think that you’re better off simply using MobileGo since it comes with the same price tag while offering more features, including facility that can aid you in upgrading or moving to a new phone. MobileTrans has a number of features that are not available with MobileGo but you could be willing to not avail of these additional features considering the price difference.


If you already have MobileGo, you don’t have to compel yourself to get MobileTrans if you just need something to help you move your data to your new phone. However, MobileTrans is designed to make data transfers considerably safer and more convenient. It even addresses possible issues in network or carrier data differences. It is certainly a great tool. It delivers what it promises to do. I’d say it’s still worth its price although it doesn’t appear to be as compelling when compared with MobileGo. Know more about MobileGo by visiting its official web page. Don’t forget to go over the user reviews posted.


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