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The world of sales and marketing can be cut-throat with each sales person going for the jugular. The secret in this industry is not really in working hard but rather in working smart. With some of the best degrees from some of the best universities you are really not going up against dimwits. Technology however comes to the rescue of any person or team that is smart enough to use it to their advantage in this field.

Tech firms have realized the massive potential in sales and have in the recent past become more active in this area. Sales tools are introduced every other day and the good ones have shown amazing increase in sales success rates. Some are simple enough even for a novice to understand and make full use of in a short amount of time. Others may be more complex and may require specialized training to grasp and utilize effectively.

Hardware advancements

There used to be a time when computers and sales were hardly in the same sentence unless you were talking about a computer salesman. Currently however, there is not a salesman who does not use one. In the past laptops provided one of the best sales aids to have come along in a long time. These have however been phased out by the more compact and easy to carry tablets and high end smart phones. Whipping out a phone in the middle of a sales meeting is no longer considered as rude because it could end up helping make the sale.

These devices are now loaded with the latest sales tools. You can even access a firm’s entire database from a single device that fits in your palm. Some of these devices even allow you to save your presentation on them and simply project them onto screens in the boardroom later.

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The software advancements

For every piece of sales friendly hardware developed, there must be hundreds in individual software to go with it. This has lead to some pretty amazing software to cater to a wide variety of needs. Some of them have even become pioneers in sales approaches. Below are some of the increasingly popular types of software as well as some examples.

  1. Predicative analytics

In sales you do not ever want to be caught saying, “I wish I knew”. Anyone who has ever worked with analytics will then tell you that, “numbers do not lie”. Knowing what is going to happen in the business world remains one of the best tools that any sales team can ever have. Software has been developed that far outshines even the best palm readers in the world. People are very predictable because of a little thing called habits. Buying habits should therefore be a sales team’s asset. This combined with past and present sales figures can be useful enough to predict future buying habits.  The problem with analytics is that for accurate predictions you will have to go through mountains of data which could take so long that you never quite get ahead of the curve. Analytics software does all this in the twitch of an eye and is more accurate in this respect.

Using the best analytics software such as Birst can mean that you no longer face bottlenecks in sales. In the case that you already have bottlenecks these software are just as capable of diagnosing the problem for speedier resolution. Other software such as Lattice Engines are capable of mining huge data sets and effectively come up with accurate buying signals.

  1. Sales enablement

In sales there is a need for up to date and accurate information. Sales is also a largely dynamic industry and information that is relevant today may be obsolete by tomorrow.  Sales enablement apps ensure that the sales team is kept abreast with up to date information at all times. This becomes vital for reps to understand and better target prospects. This in turn translates to higher conversions.  There is a need for any insight to this type of software to be in real time and luckily there is quite a variety of such software to choose from.

  1. Sales acceleration software

It is largely accepted that time is indeed money. The timelines between a sales pitch and the actual sale needs to be as short as possible. For this to happen there needs to be efficiency between the marketing and the sales teams. There are multiple resources that are currently in the market especially the sales management software. Trials have shown great improvements in sales figures and some of the world’s leading firms have already integrated them into their systems. Sales timelines have significantly been improved by such firms and other firms are left playing catch up.

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of life today and the sales game is no exception. Having the best and latest software in use by your sales team could make a tremendous difference.

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Misha holds a Master degree in Marketing and bachelor in computer application. She works as a content & marketing Manager at SoftwareSuggest. She likes travelling to hill stations and reading novels. Follow her on twitter.

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