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Own an iPhone or an iPad? You are a health professional? Then you must have these iPhone and iPad apps! They will not only make things easier for you but also make you do much more in a much lesser time! Here is the most valuable iPhone and iPad apps for health you loved !

1. iTriage

Perhaps this is the best available health care app for iPad and iPhone currently in the market. The app is really useful to the healthcare professionals and helps answer the basic question of what disease or illness the patient might have. One can search symptoms of a disease on the app as well as find the nearest hospital or doctors! The app is useful to both patients and doctors.

2. Epocrates

This app comes in two versions. Whereas the basic version is free, the Pro version can cost as much as $199. The app makes doctors receive all the information they need on drugs, reactions of medicines, pricing, and dosages among others. The app is a virtual guidebook for the doctors. The Pro version gives the doctors access to medical research content including the latest research and reviews and guides which helps them stay updated.

3. Medscape

This free application has been designed by WebMD. A mini version of the website has been turned into an app and this is a must for all medical experts. The app, just like the site offers useful information to medical professionals on a wide range of medical topics. Not only this, you can get a lot of current medical news as well as updates on new medical inventions and also information on certain medical procedures and drugs. This is a guidebook for all medical professionals and used extensively too.

4. Skyscape Medical Resources

This is another great app for medical professionals. With the app, designed for both iPad and iPhone, one can get information on a wide variety of medical issues. Medical professionals can even use a medical calculator. The app also has many other additional tools which come in handy for medics. There is also 24/7 customer care support and it is one of the most well-known free apps currently.

5. iPharmacy

This is another free app for healthcare professionals. Called the iPharmacy – Pill Identifier Free and Medication Reference, this app is useful not only for the medical professionals but also for the patients. The app provides valuable information on pills, as well as deals and discounts offered by different pharmacies and the ratings of the pharmacies as well. Another great feature of this app is that you can interact with other users too who also use the app.

6. Psych Drugs

This is another free app which you must have as a healthcare professional. This app is especially useful for all those in the psychiatric field. The app provides information on psychotropic medications as well as information on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Information on any psychiatric drug is available too on the app.

7. Taber’s Medical Dictionary

This is another app suitable for healthcare professionals. The app is a virtual dictionary containing all the important medical information one might need. The information is delivered right at your fingertips within a few clicks and the app has lots of advanced medical terminology. The amount of terminology available is more than any other health app and this is the top medical dictionary available today. Moreover, there are more than a thousand photos of medical related illnesses and is quite comprehensive in nature, making it the favorite of many medical professionals.

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