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With internet technology taking over the communication, web browsers have become an imperative part of our daily lives. They are the gateways through which we get to enter web world. Google Chrome has always been the first preference in the list of best browsers. Let us have a quick look at top five Google Chrome alternatives for your surfing the internet with ease. These websites have been chosen on the basis of their ability to withstand heavy workload and yet not get crashed quite often.

Internet Explorer

It is undoubtedly true that Internet Explorer is the most popular web browsers across the globe. Its resistance and other functional features make it the most trusted browser.  It crashes rarely and thus is one of the best places to get your work done. The latest Explorer 9 has also gained quite popular. About 40% of the global population trust IE to be there main browser. It has a size of 16.1MB.

Opera 11

The best thing about Opera 11 is its speed. It is as fast as a flash of light. It is also very user-friendly, making it quite easy to get an upper hand on it. It can actually take up the load of about 50 to 60 open tabs, without getting crashed for once. Even if you try to use it for long hours in a single day, which quite naturally creates a lot of pressure on the browser, it would run smooth. You can get a free downloadable version of this browser, with a size of 7.12mb over the internet.

Maxthon 3.0

Speaking of the browsers, which do not crash quite easily, one would need to mention Maxthon 3.0. in spite of having the flexibility or lightweight of Chrome, it undoubtedly has a great interface. It comes with a size of 17.27mb and functioned in two different modes, the Retro Mode and the Ultra Mode.

Mozilla Firefox

Apart from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox is also one of the most popularly used web browsers. However, it has been proved through several tests, that if 30+ number of tabs are opened in the browser, it would crash horribly taking all the system resources there in the CPU usage with it. This is why many users opine, that a lot of modifications are required in the Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta. Moreover there are several individuals who do not prefer Beta browsers at all.

Safari 3.0

Though it is true that the Apple Safari is not at all lightweight when compared to several other browsers, it cannot be denied that it can take the pressure of a number of opened browsers and will run quite smoothly even if the pages opened were of high definition etc. all you need to have to ensure that this browser runs smoothly is a good internet connection, along with a good performance system. If you are looking for a new and unique browsing experience, you can rest assured that the Apple Safari is the thing you are looking for. It comes with a size of 34.63MB.


Therefore, it can be said that the above mentioned browsers are unique in their own way and one must chose in accordance with his needs.

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