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Some time search engine send on the page in your blog which not exit make visitor completely lost and they leave you site immediately. 404 plugins for WordPress help your blog to increase engagement so that your visitor will have something to navigate.

If you don’t want to use plugin to customize your 404 page you read the how you can create an error 404 page.  You can easily customize 404.php in your theme template. Some plugin are also available which will help you to customize.

Here list of 404 custom plugin you can use in your WordPress site.


Custom 404 Error Page: Unilimited designs and colors

Custom 404, helps you customize your 404 page. From the dashboard options you’re able to modify the background, the image and the fonts color and style.

 Unilimited designs and colors

Genesis 404 Page:

If you are using genesis framework, you can customize your 404 page’s title and content in Genesis > 404 Page using this plugin.

genesis 404 page

Dynamic 404 Page:

Allows you t set a page to be used as the 404 page. In order for the plugin to work you need to make some modifications to the 404.php file in your theme.

Dynamic 404 Page

Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404

use widgets to maintain and customize your 404 Error and Search Not Found pages in Genesis Framework and Child Themes.

gensis widgetized 404 not found



Redirection is a great WordPress plugin to which help to manage 301 redirections, help to keep track of 404 errors, and also generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have.


Managing 404 is great for SEO. Feel free to share your experience here.

  1. Cameron Chapman says:

    Yep great list of 404 wordpress plugins. There are lots even you can try – 404 Notifier, Smart 404, Google 404, Useful 404s, The Free 404 Plugin, JH 404 Logger, WP 404 Images Fix, Dunstan-style Error Page, Permalinks Moved Permanently. Redirection already you included.

  2. Juergen Schulze says:

    Great list of 404 plugin Pankaj. You missed to add “404 to Start” plugin. Apart from the 04 page management and will help you solve problems with external bad links which are not under your influence.

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