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Making a blog successful is something that requires hard work, research and more careful planning. So, how will you make your blog more interesting than others? How can you keep the visitors coming back to your post? Do you know how to gain traffic?

When you have blogs, you need to focus on these things to make it successful. Here are the best tips and tricks to make your blog successful.

Choose a challenging blogging platform

If your blog lacks a decent layout and your blog readers are finding it hard to go through your actual content, you need to address this issue. It’s your blog design which makes a first impression on your blog readers. If they don’t like they simply quit and switch over to the next website. So you need to make sure that your blog is not cluttered with unwanted pop ups and too many ads. You should put yourself into the shoes of blog readers and imagine what you would expect after opening it and what the problem areas are. You could also take the help of free platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr,TypePad etc that provide you with wonderful designs for your blog.

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Create unique content

When you have decided to craft a successful blog then you should always focus on writing something not only from SEO’s point of view but also with your readers in mind. If the content is really interesting, it keeps your readers visit your blog again and again. Grace your articles with relevant and interesting images and videos to make your them more appealing. No one loves to read a long blog post that doesn’t have any pictures.

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Check for errors

Check your content for spelling and grammar errors before posting it on your blog. Readers may feel irritated if they are reading a blog post that has too many errors.

Create a catchy headline

It is always recommended that you provide a catchy headline to your blog as it is the one that people see first when they browse your blog post listing in search engines. If they don’t find it interesting they will never bother to click on it and simply move on to the next site. So you are left with few seconds to convert visitors into your loyal readers. Blog posts with attractive titles get better Click through Rate in search engine results.

Guest posting

Guest posting for popular blogs in your targeted niche is one of the best tips to become a successful blogger. All you need to do is prepare a list of successful blogs in your niche and request them with high quality guest post. and Bloggers Passion blog provides you with a list of targeted blogs for guest posting along with the blogging guidelines. Guest posting shows your new readers what an excellent writer you are, and how informative your posts are. When writing a guest post, contribute your absolute best stuff.

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Be consistent

The main reason for success among bloggers is to be consistent in posting. Keep adding fresh posts to your blog regularly. It is important to post fresh content or else your readers will disappear. Provide your readers with regular updates. Also, try to be the first one to crack the news in the market. This will definitely make your blog more popular.

Respond to comments

A blog is truly a conversation. It starts with your content but continues with comments from readers and with feedback and criticism from other bloggers. You should respond to comments flowing to your blog posts. If you don’t respond, you will be losing comments on your blog posts from good blog readers. If you attempt to reply to some of the comments from your blog readers, overall traffic and number of comments on your blog posts also increases. This also makes your blog readers feel that you are always there listening to them. Also, check your guest posts regularly and reply to its incoming comments.

Do some link building activities

Although guest blogging will get you high quality backlinks, you should also consider other traditional link building methods to get more targeted backlinks for your blog. Some of the link building activities include commenting on other blogs in your niche, posting articles on authorized publishing websites and submitting your blog into blog Directories.

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Use social media sites

It is important to create a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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Get identified by SEO

Learn the basics of SEO. This will make you a successful blogger. Use targeted keywords, URL, meta tags in your actual blog content. This drives traffic to your blog from search engines. Add a link of trusted websites to provide additional information on a topic to your blog readers.

5 Important Tips Before You Outsource SEO Work

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