Here are three Tips for Marketing on Facebook that will give you the surefire edge you’ve been looking for. First, if you want a 400% or so increase in your number of fans, then you should give the denizens of Facebook a reason to like and subscribe to your Facebook fan page. What that entails usually includes encouragements to “Like” your fan page in order to acquire promotional goodies or discounts on your products as incentives (i.e., providing them with promo codes and what not that they could use online or “offline” in the form of printable coupons in order to save money on purchasing your wares).

Facebook maeketing tips

A reason to like and subscribe to your Facebook

Your fan conversion rates will go through the roof by going the promotional gift route for every Like that you receive. In other words, this is just your way of putting your money where your mouth is, such that any fan of yours that Likes your fan page can become a paying customer as well (Because what good is a discount coupon if you don’t use it?) You can even show, for example, a never-before-seen episode or a banned, box office trailer if you’re a digital TV provider, for example, to increase your Likes fourfold. Second, you must give a positive impression.

Promote Your Facebook page as Brand means good faith

As if when you buy Twitter followers, you must provide Facebook patrons with the impression of popularity so they’d get the incentive to Like your Facebook fan page. You can make people think that your facebook fan page is worth Liking by improving it’s branding and providing a more uniform message. Facebook fan pages that fail are usually the ones with branding that’s all over the place. If your Facebook fan page is chaotic and has nothing to do with your company identity or existing marketing campaign, then you might as well not have a fan page at all. Keeping a narrow focus while ensuring everything is creative is a great way of winning over fans. If you’re dealing with a particular field or market, concentrate on that market.

Interacting with your Facebook fan

You should also ask the right questions when it comes to acquiring Likes for your fan page. This means interacting with your Facebook fan base and asking interesting, entertaining questions that make them think. Think up questions that are easy to answer so that you can encourage rapport between yourself and your target audience. The more questions you can come up with that’ll make your customers talk about themselves, the better, because a lot of people love talking about themselves.

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