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Selling products from a website is an important way to make a lot more profit from your online presence. If you currently make all your profit from AdSense and other advertising then it’s time to wake up to the reality – you’re at the bottom of the heap and you’re giving away customers that could be making you a lot more profit. He I have some tips for you about top things you can sell on your website apart from the other advertising;  sound good ! of course people don’t click advertising unless there’s a chance of them buying something and that means you’re getting 10 cents to one dollar off of someone who might have been willing to pay $40 for the right product. If it didn’t work this way, then no one would pay for advertising…

So you need to plan something to sell on your website if you want to make the most of that traffic and this way you will be the guy (or gal) at the top of the pyramid and not getting rid of that traffic that you worked so hard for. Here we will look at a few ways that you can get more from your visitors by selling…

Top Things You Can Sell On Your Website:


There are loads of examples of software that you can sell from your website. For instance you can sell software for PCs and this could include games or productivity software, or alternatively apps for smartphones and tablets. No matter what the niche of your website, there’s probably some piece of software you could tie in with it and if you don’t know how to make software yourself then you can always hire someone who can.


Selling books is an easy way to make some profit and it’s a great companion to any website. If you have a website on bodybuilding for instance, then you will probably have hundreds of old articles on your site that no one is likely to find anymore. All you need to do is to group these into a book and then you can make some more profit off of them again (add a few unique articles on the rough chance that someone has already read all your content). That’s right – by making a compendium of your own work you don’t even need to write anything new to start making more profit…

Of course there are also countless ways you make your books ready for audiences and this includes either making digital copies and eBooks (which you can also sell through sites like Kindle) as well as creating hard copies using ‘Print On Demand’ services such as Lulu.


There are many printing sites that allow you to print logos and other images onto a range of products from t-shirts to mugs to lanyards. This is something very easy that anyone can make as long as they have a piece of photo editing or drawing software or can hire a freelancer to make them a logo, and it serves two great purposes – not only helping you to earn direct profit but also encouraging people to promote your website on your behalf by being seen in your t-shirt brandishing your logo.

Physical Items

According to statistics physical products still sell considerably better than digital ones, so if you can create a gadget or an ornament using 3D printing or even just your own crafts skills (bearing in mind you may need to mass produce the items), then you will be able to make potentially a very large profit from this.

Jayden Rukin works as a SEO agent and also writes blogs providing website tips. He prefers On Time Screen for the best printing t shirts and embroidered hats in CT.

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