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App developers are finding that many new apps are flooding the market daily, creating such high competition that it becomes impossible for indie apps to become known. In fact most users won’t download apps if they don’t have more than 50-100 good reviews to back it up. Well luckily for developers there’s a perfect and cheap solution for them to promote their apps using By using Best Review App, developers can easily acquire reviews that will help them expand in the app market.

Best Review App is a great community where buyers pay to receive honest reviews from real users. Developers sign up to Best Review App and list their application. Once a user finds an app they like, they will download, use it, and then review it. The users are paid for leaving honest reviews, and the developers get the necessary exposure that they need.

All reviews are from real users which are encouraged to leave honest feedback. Best Review App encourages users to write honest and unbiased reviews. Once they find users who write fake reviews, they will freeze their accounts. Best Review App hates manipulating the markets, and they’re doing their best to build a friendly healthy review-ecosystem.

The Benefits of Best Review App

Having enough reviews helps the ranking of developers’ apps in the market, and it also attracts other users to try those applications. The best part about Best Review App is that once you get enough reviews, other users will see them and download your app; once that happens they will also leave more reviews, ranking your app higher and higher, and attracting even more users.

Once you have a good amount of reviews on your apps you will experience exponential growth. So it’s a good idea for apps to start with a couple of reviews when they first release. Otherwise they might face very slow download rates in the beginning. Best Review App is an easy way to get initial reviews for apps that have just been released and are slowly getting downloaded.

To get 10 app reviews it costs $30, and to get 20 reviews it costs $60. Best Review App has some really good prices considering that these reviews will help you convert other users on the app market into downloading your apps. Using Best Review App will definitely pay back in the long run.

As mentioned above once you’ve gotten a good deal of paid reviews, other users will see your apps and download them as well. So that means once you’ve paid for a couple of reviews you’re pretty much guaranteed to get more downloads, and you probably won’t have to buy more reviews.

If you’re interested in getting honest reviews from real users on Apple’s market, then Best Review App is the best choice for you. Not only can developers benefit from promoting their apps to users, but the users benefit as well. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. So why don’t you head over to and give them a try?


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