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Data security has always been an issue in computer technology and one that is increasingly becoming tricky with advanced technologies. Only recently antivirus programs were considered the ultimate computer and data shields against viruses, then firewalls as data guards and the trend continues. In todays’ world of advanced technologies and data communication, data security is essential if data is to be routed over unsecured public networks. Many individual users connect to the Internet through open WiFi connections which are vulnerable to network sniffers and eavesdroppers. While some users have resorted to WiFi WPA encryption to remove this vulnerability, most WiFi connections do not support WPA encryption, moreover, protection is limited to the WiFi device and not throughout the connection.


Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) services is the ideal solution for guaranteed data security on unsecured public networks such as the Internet. VPNs use advanced security protocols, data encryption and tunneling technology to secure data en route public networks. Encryption extends the value of VPNs services since users are guaranteed that their data will not be intercepted or read, either by network eavesdroppers or the ISP provider. Encryption provides users with online privacy whether they are using VPN desktop services or VPN mobile services to access internet. Most Operating Systems in the market are optimized for VPN configuration and users will readily find VPN for Windows, VPN for Mac OS, VPN for Android and also VPN for IOS platforms.

When individual users use personal VPN services to access the Internet, they enjoy the benefits of surfing anonymously since VPNs enable hiding of their IP address. Every computer connects to the Internet through an IP address which is a unique identifier of every computer on the Internet. It therefore means without VPNs, it is possible to read your location and other private information. Individual users can also benefit from “internet citizenship” where users can acquire IP address from VPN servers around the world and to enable them switch identities from country to country anonymously and at will. Such IP hiding capabilities enable users to avoid search engines tracking on searches and other online activities.

Individual users who travel frequently to countries where the Internet is blocked or censored will find personal VPNs very useful since they can bypass internet filters. They also enable users to access geo-restricted online services such as VoIP, Skype, YouTube, online TVs; Hulu, Fox, BBC iPlayer and many other services that are inaccessible without such services. Most businesses around the world now use VPN services for most transactions for added data security. Individuals will benefit from data security, privacy, confidentiality and anonymity. VPNs plans are available from from a reliable VPN service providers such as Net Ignition for only a few dollars a month.

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  1. Virtual private has so many benefits. Thanks for sharing the benefits. By these people will come to know about what is VPN and what is its importance.

  2. Kostia Wilen says:

    The most reliable solution to access blocked websites is “Hotspot Shield” VPN. It is safe, secure and ensures 100% privacy and complete system security. I have it on my Macbook Pro and now i can access all US channels outside the US. Moreover it also protects my online identity and confidential data. Check it here –

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