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Top level domain names or otherwise known as TLDs are the ones that compose of the names of internet domains. These are particularly the suffixes located on the right part after the dot punctuation. This includes .org, .net, and .com. These top level domain names already guarantee you generated traffic.

Top level domains

Technically, top level domains have three specific types. This includes the following:

  • Country code TLDs or much popularly known as ccTLDs

These are TLDs used by countries or territories that are dependent. Also, these are made of two letters. An example of this is .uk which stands for United Kingdom.

  • Generic TLDs

This type of top level domains is usually used in specific organization or class.

  • Infrastructure TLDs

Besides these, there are also other top level domain names. One of the most popular and commonly used is the .com TLDs. You may have observed that most domain names are composed of the .com domain name extension. Almost all of the popular domain names make use of this TLD. It is almost like one of the most historical top level domain names.

5 Benefits of using .com top level domains

But what makes .com top level domain names really popular and beneficial to domain owners or to those who are still planning to create their own domain names? Here are some of the great advantages of using .com top level domains:

  • Universal use – evidently, .com domains are used more frequently than any other domain name extension.
  • Easy to remember – due to the fact that it is the most common type of domain name, majority of users are a lot more familiar with .com top level domain names.
  • Simple construction – this makes .com domains recognizable, even for first-time users.
  • Popularity – .com top level domain names are more popular than any other top level domain names.
  • Increased traffic – .com TLDs can help power up traffic and promote better visibility.

Finding top level domain names can be difficult. More often than not, these domain names are reserved for huge corporations and industries.

.com TLDs can be used for personal or business purposes. Since .com top level domain names have invaded the world of domain names, set your goal. What do you want to achieve? Keep in mind that .com domains are not the only ones that exist. There are .net and .org top level domain names that could also benefit your business or personal venture.


The .com top level domain name has been one of TLDs’ traditional types and available for a very long time. Because of this, .com top level domain names have earned a very high credibility rank to many web users. Furthermore, .com top level domain names are most likely to have lesser risk in terms of investment.

There may be othervaluable domain names you can find but nothing compares to .com top level domain names. So if you want to be successful in finding an excellent domain name as well as in your online business then .com top level domain names could be your best choice. is one of the largest resources for finding .com domains in every niche, whether to support an existing business, for investment purposes or to create a new online business.

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