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Tasty Placement, an Austin, TX. SEO marketer, recently performed a small test to determine the effect of social media promotion on Google search engine page ranking. The findings are enlightening, but not all that surprising. Tasty Placement found that the most effective social media platform for improving page rank is Google +. The top two most effective marketing strategies occurred on the Google + platform. Sites that had 100 Google + followers increased their page rank by 14.63 ranking positions. Second in line was Google + 1 votes. Not surprisingly, the most weighted social media platform for improving page rank on Google is Google +.

Facebook was the second most effective platform. Facebook promotions, evaluated by 70 shares of the website on Facebook and increasing the business Facebook page Likes to 50. However, Facebook promotion only moved the sites up in page ranking an average of 6.9 positions. Clearly, Google is weighting its own interests in terms of improving page rank through social media marketing efforts. However, this fact is a good one to know if you are an SEO marketer. When SEO professionals must focus their efforts on social media marketing strategies that will return a higher level of results for their efforts, more and more will be focusing on Google + to promote their clients’ interests.

Infographic presented by Tasty Placement, Inc. For more infographic and SEO information, visit their company website.

Testing Social Signals [Infographics]

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