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“iCloud” is becoming a rather familiar term in society. Still though, these bits of information about it might come as a surprise to you. If you’re considering taking the plunge and getting into the iCloud on a daily basis, be sure to read these 10 fun facts!

Photo Accessibility
No matter which one of your devices is currently being utilized, you still have access to all of your photographs with iCloud. Bring up all of those happy memories wherever you are, whenever and on whatever!

Calendar Accessibility
In addition to all of the other features that can be accessed on a regular basis, you also have your calendar at your fingertips. No longer need you lug around a heavy planner when all that you need is right there.

About iCloud

Automatic Synching
Once everything has been automatically synched and connected, you don’t have to plug any of your devices into each other. This component of iCloud is particularly helpful when your phone is charging on one side of the house, and you want to use its services on your laptop in another room.

Checking Storage
It’s easy to check how much data you have leftover, again, on any device. Follow this sequence to find out how much space is left: settings to iCloud to storage and backup to manage story. From here, it’s easy to see what’s left.

Adding Storage
Are you feeling down that you’re almost out of storage? Well, more is available for purchase. Check out a few different prices to find out what the best deal is for the size of your budget.

When a fun, new gadget or technology comes out on the market, people sometimes forget about the security side of it. Remember, if any one of your devices is stolen, then the robber could very well have access to anything on the iCloud system. Be sure to keep your items safe.

Information about iTunes
The article “iCloud: What You Need to Know” by iPhoneLife discusses the connection between iTunes and iCloud. An automatic download feature is available with the iCloud. However, this article reminds users that it works only for songs purchased after the feature has been enabled.

PhotoStream Challenges
This iPhoneLife article also discusses some of the challenges associated with iCloud, which are important to know before adding such a component to the system. The article informs readers that installing PhotoStream is not incredibly easy; therefore, it might be best to have a professional help you out with this.

Finding Devices
Now, in the event that one of your items is lost or stolen, it’s entirely possible to discover its location. Instead of spending countless hours searching all over the place, use the Find My iPhone feature.

It’s Free!
Well, it’s not entirely cost free. Some of the features and programs are going to cost you money; however, your tools and technology generally come with the ability to support the iCloud built in, at no extra charge.

When you really want to know more about iCloud, discuss your specific needs, questions and technological wants with a professional at your local Apple store. They’re always super helpful, and they know exactly what you need.

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  1. I am unable to use Office 2010 besuace all of the Appointments I have linked to contacts don’t show up on the Activities tab. I continue to use Office 2003 for this reason. If this isn’t fixed in Office 2013 I won’t buy it. I can’t use Office 2003 forever as it won’t install on Windows 8. Please Microsoft, FIX THIS, these types of changes can be crippling.

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