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Right now, many of us are thinking of shopping online. Instead of taking the car to the nearest shopping mall, we might go to our favorite retailer’s website. Ecommerce has changed the face of shopping, but a big part of its growth has been fuelled by shipping and the technology behind it. Thanks to many big tech innovations, businesses are able to ship parcels with ease.

Companies have found shipping easier due to the invention of GPS and its subsequent use for mapping out routes. Made available to the public in 1983, it has helped shipping companies to handle bulk orders and make multiple deliveries in one trip.

How it works is that, when the shipping and delivery takes place, it can be tracked to give the business and customer an idea of when their delivery will come. GPS has also helped to replace the humble road atlas in enabling drivers to map out the quickest, most efficient routes.

Managing Transport

A more recent technological development in shipping is the usage of transportation management systems (TMS). TMS technology was, in its infancy, expensive and difficult to use, but this has changed. In freight shipping, it works by processing orders and tracking each package or parcel from the warehouse to the customer’s home.

A typical TMS system would help to determine the best route for express freight shipping. Then, it would let the user decide which route would be the quickest, safest and most convenient for the pilot or driver. For time-pressed business owners, this particular technology saves them from spending hours on planning the best possible route for each order.

Internet of Things

Impacting on just about every facet of modern-day freight shipping, the Internet of Things (IoT) has proved to be hugely beneficial for businesses. Its biggest benefit is that it connects many of the devices used throughout the shipping process. Examples include the satellite navigation systems in delivery trucks and the smartphones used to connect drivers to the warehouse.

The IoT brings an added benefit in the form of collecting data. A report compiled by accountancy firm Deloitte looked at how data can enable shipping companies to work smarter. A lot of that would be possible by the way in which they use data received from orders.

In using this data, they are able to improve how they work, ensuring that more deliveries arrive on time and that the best routes are chosen for shipping. Better use of data means better service, all thanks to tech that scans barcodes and tracks individual packages.

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