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Since E-cigarettes were introduced in 2004, they’ve dramatically risen in popularity. Containing a small amount of nicotine, they’re designed to help smokers kick their tobacco habit. When you stop to think about how they actually work, you realise just how clever these devices actually are. And their wider applications.

Here, we’ll look at the technology behind e-cigarettes and how exactly they work.

How e-cigarettes work

When a standard cigarette is lit, the tobacco burns, and releases smoke packed full of nicotine. By inhaling the smoke, you get your nicotine fix, as well as the tar and chemicals that cause health problems.

Instead, with an electronic cigarette, a nicotine liquid is heated up, releasing a vapour which is inhaled. So, they both achieve the same nicotine fix, only the process is different.

Some types of e-cigarettes have a manual switch which works to activate the vapour. However, the majority deliver the vapour when the user inhales from the device’s cartridge.

The technology behind the devices

When you’re buying e-cigarettes from a company such as VIP electronic cigarettes, you’re getting a lot of tech in a very small package. The question is, what technology is responsible for powering up these devices?

There are two main technologies used within e-cigarettes today. The first is Lithium Ion batteries and the second is the cartomizer. Lithium Ion batteries are what give the devices their rechargeable quality. These types of batteries are light, energy efficient and have come a long way since they were first developed. They also contribute to battery life, ensuring very little energy is lost when the e-cigarettes aren’t in use.

The cartomizer is a somewhat new technological development. It was created by two British entrepreneurs from XL Distributions. Tariq and Umer Sheikh developed the cartomizer by combining the original cartridge and atomizer together to make the e-cigs easier to use. This is what the majority of e-cigarettes now use.

In the 50 years e-cigarettes have been in development, they’ve come a long way to what they are today due to these developments in technology. Now, large companies are also starting to shift their investments into the e-cigarette business, which means more investment into new technologies is highly likely.

Who knows – it could be that this technology has applications much wider that e-cigarettes, such as the delivery of medicine, prescription drugs, or decongestants. Replacing more bulky atomizers. Imagine that?! I wouldn’t be surprised if we found this technology in many medical devices in the future.

Overall, you don’t often stop to think about how popular e-cigarettes actually work. However, as you can see, it’s actually quite fascinating seeing just how far they’ve come over the years. All of the newer e-cigarettes feature high-tech designs, including improved battery life and ease of use.

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