Best ASP.NET Questions With Answers for Interviews – Chapter 1: Basic .NET Framework Chapter 2: NET Interoperability Chapter 3: Threading Chapter 4: Remoting and Webservices Chapter 5: Caching Concepts Chapter Continue Reading
Chapter 6: OOPS What is Object Oriented Programming? It is a problem solving technique to develop software systems. It is a technique to think real world in terms of objects. Object maps the software model to real Continue Reading
Chapter 3: Threading What is multi-tasking? It is a feature of modern operating systems with which we can run multiple programs at same time   What is multi-threading? Multi-threading forms subset of Continue Reading
Chapter 2: NET Interoperability How can we use COM Components in .NET? .NET components communicate with COM using RCW (Runtime Callable Wrapper). Following are the ways with which you can generate RCW : Adding Continue Reading
Chapter 1: Basic .NET Framework 1. What is an IL? A. MSIL stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language in short MSIL or IL(Intermediate Language). When you compile a program the CLR will compile the code into MSIL Continue Reading