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Table Variable in SQL Server like other vaiable in the SQL Server is a very useful programming construct. Table variables store a set of records syntax looks very similar to a CREATE TABLE . The scoping rules of the table variables are similar to any other programming variables. For example, if you define a variable inside a stored procedure, it can’t be accessed outside the stored procedure. When you create a table variables, it is like a regular DDL operation and its metadata is stored in system catalog. Table variable is not a temporary table.

Table Variable in SQL Server

Declare Table Variables:

DECLARE @ProductTotals TABLE
ProductID int,
Revenue money

Populate the table variables:

INSERT INTO @ProductTotals (ProductID, Revenue)
SELECT ProductID, SUM(UnitPrice * Quantity)
FROM [Order Details]


Operation on Table variables:

UPDATE @ProductTotals
SET Revenue = Revenue * 1.15
WHERE ProductID = 62
DELETE FROM @ProductTotals
WHERE ProductID = 60
FROM @ProductTotals

New feature in SQL Server 2008:

A table variable can be very powerful when used with stored procedures to pass it as input/output parameters (new functionality available starting with SQL Server 2008) or to store the result of a table valued function.


No DDL operation allowed on temporary table
SQL Server does not maintain statistics on a table variable
Temporary Tables and Table Variables:
Table variable is always the optimum choice





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