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switching your hotmail or live to I am user, after great I planned to move on and if you are also switching your hotmail or live to then you are on right place. In this article I am going to explain how to upgrade from Hotmail to step by step. I am sure after reading this post there willl be very easy to say Goodbye, Hotmail. Hello, Believe me is awesome. You will love this

First thing no need to create new account if you wants to migrate from the existing hotmail including @hotmail, or To sign-in with existing account open and give your existing credential.

Switching your Hotmail or Live to sign in Sign in

Yes you can grab new account if you are interested here. signup

Your Hotmail has been upgraded to automatically just login with your old creditably to

Migrate to

After first time sign in to you can take tour. tour new features tour new features after login view after login view

Some beautiful and unique features of : new features modern email service new features modern email service

Feel windows environment on the web. Right click option for emails. modern email service right click view modern email service right click view

Outstanding compose mail features: modern email compose mail modern email compose mail

Messaging and chat options with new email service. modern email service chant and discussion modern email service chant and discussion

I am looking for lot of inputs from visitors. Tell me What you think about the new email service.

  1. will compete head-on with Google’s Gmail and, like Gmail will have contextual ads. But unlike Gmail that ads will be based on what’s contained it the subject line, not the text of the messages themselves.

  2. More than 1 million people sign up right off the bat for the new, Hotmail’s successor and Microsoft’s bid to keep users from jumping ship to Gmail and other rivals

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