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Split PST is a distinguished tool in the PST management domain to divide oversized MS Outlook PST files into multiple smaller parts in order to avoid the consequences of the large size of the Outlook PST file. The tool facilitates the splitting of both ANSI and Unicode PST formats with a promise of keeping the Meta data and other properties intact. The tool provides an option to choose the PST file format depending on the version of MS Outlook specified and generates a complete comparison report at the end of the splitting process.

Let us get acquainted with the various features and specifications offered by Split PST Tool so as to make it easy for the user to analyze whether the software is worth purchasing or not.

Salient Features of Split PST:

Split Large PST:

The tool allows you to divide a large MS Outlook PST file of any size into multiple smaller parts in four different ways, that is, by size, folder, date and year.

Split PST by Size

Maintains Originality:

The Split PST tool allows you to split PST file by maintaining the originality of the PST file. That is, it keeps the formatting and properties of the data intact.

Supports all PST formats:

The tool facilitates the splitting of both ANSI and UNICODE PST files. The tool automatically detects the format of PST file once MS Outlook version is specified.

Generates Log Report:

A comparison report is generated after the splitting process in CSV format, indicating the folder name, folder path, number of items in PST before and after splitting.

New folder to save file:

Split PST Tool allows you to save the PST file after splitting to a location of your choice or you can also create a new folder from Split PST panel and save the files in it.

Versions supported:

The Split PST tool can run successfully on MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of Outlook.


Details of Various Splitting Options:

Split PST by Size:

Using this option you can split a large PST file into multiple parts of equal sizes by defining the file size between 5 MB to 10 MB. The number of resultant files will depend upon the size of the original PST file.

Split PST by Size

Split PST by Folders:

You can create an individual PST file for every folder using this option. Further, multiple PST files of the specified size will be created for those folders.


Split PST by Date:

If you use this option, you will have to specify a date range. Now, two PST files will be created; one containing items before the specified date and the other after that date.


Split PST by Year:

Using this option you will have to define the time period in years. The resultant PST file will contain the data items from within that range.


Specifications of Split PST:

Developer: MS Outlook Tools

Current version: 4.1

Size of Product: 7.4 MB

Outlook Versions Supported: MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 versions.

Windows Versions Supported: Windows 8.1 and all previous versions.


The Pros and Cons of Split PST:


  • The tool facilitates the splitting of both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • It promises to keep originality, Meta data and formatting of the data intact.
  • The tool automatically detects the PST format once you specify the Outlook version.
  • Split PST provides you with four different ways of splitting PST to choose from.


  • Split PST do not split oversized PST files that have become corrupt.
  • MS Outlook must be installed for the splitting of the oversized PST file.

Apart from a few previously discussed flaws, Split PST proves to be of great help to users facing performance and manageability issues due to oversize of the PST files. The benefit of using the Split PST tool is that it automatically detects the PST file format between ANSI and UNICODE once the Outlook version is specified by the user. Hence, the user does not have to worry whether the tool will work on that version of Outlook or not.


Downloading and Installation:

The performance of the Split PST Tool can be evaluated by installing the trial version of the software and allowing it to run on the system.

Demo Version:

You can download the demo version of the Split PST software which is available on the official website of the Company. You can check the software for its authenticity by allowing it to run on your system. However, the trial version has a certain limitation. It will split only first 50 emails.

Licensed Version:

To overcome the limitation of the trial version and make use of all its features, the licensed version of Split PST software will have to be purchased which is available on the official website of the Company.


We understand that each software application has its own plus points and flaws. However, it is the responsibility of the users to analyze the software according to their own needs and then decide if the software caters to those needs. As per the analysis of software features and options for PST file splitting, this tool definitely deserves investment for managing the PST file size.



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