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In recent years, the automotive industry has benefited greatly from improvements in technology and the future looks very bright in this regard. Modern technology can improve vehicle performance and safety, but also comfort and enjoyment for everyone on board. Fortunately, we are seeing a lot of this technology included even in mid-priced vehicles so that more motorists can enjoy it. This is for a few different reasons:


Auto manufacturers want their vehicles to appeal to as many motorists as possible as this can improve sales. Modern day motorists want to experience the latest and best technology, but a large percentage are unable to afford the heavy price tags that you find with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and similar luxury brands. By incorporating sophisticated technology into more affordable vehicles, it entices more consumers to buy.

Rate of Advancement

New car technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it can be difficult to keep up. Autonomous driving features continue to be introduced as we edge towards a driverless car future, which means that what was considered cutting-edge technology just a few years ago is now older and available in more affordable cars from places like AA Cars.


One of the primary reasons is that a lot of the technology can (and has) saved lives and stopped countless collisions. Safety technology like autonomous braking, lane departure assist and driver fatigue recognition can make driving much safer for everyone. Manufacturers want the roads to be as safe as possible, so by making average priced vehicles safer, it will help to reduce accidents.


As soon as one manufacturer uses sophisticated technology in a mid-priced automobile, it will encourage others to follow suit. The auto industry is fiercely competitive across every market, so all it takes is for one company to make this technology more affordable before the others are forced to do so. The consumer benefits greatly from this competition as it lowers the price of the latest technology.


Electric and hybrid car technology has evolved at a rapid rate and an increasing number of motorists are making the switch. Manufacturers understand that the future is green and the Government’s clean air plans are accelerating the electric car revolution, so these vehicles are becoming cheaper to buy so that it is easier for motorists to switch.

Technology is one of the biggest factors that motorists look at when shopping for a used car and sophisticated tech is now available even in mid-priced automobiles for the above reasons.

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