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A smartphone is a must in the world of an adult, but kids and adolescents are also claiming that a handy mobile phone is also a requirement of theirs, claiming that they need it to communicate. And while your child having a smartphone could make it easier for you to reach them when they’re in school or attending extracurricular activities, but sometimes, having a phone also gives them the chance to over-communicate. If you want to limit your kid’s phone usage, and phone bill, here are some rules that you ought to impose:

1. No using the smartphone when studying, doing homework and so close to bedtime.

Smartphones are fine but when they become a distraction, that is when their use has to be limited and that is why parents should set strict rules as to when their kids are allowed to use their phones. Common courtesy dictates that one shouldn’t answer the phone or call while on the table, but having a smartphone turned on while studying will divide a kid’s attention and not allow him or her to really absorb the lessons that one is reading. At the same time, do not fuel a smartphone addiction by keeping your kids from having the chance to gab the night away. Urge them to keep their phone in a common area when they are ready to sleep.

2. Teach them about phone etiquette.

With all the horrors surrounding inappropriate pictures being sent from one phone and another and the very real incidents of wrong images or messages, you need to inculcate in your children proper phone etiquette. Tell them that if they cannot say a certain something to a person to his face, then that certain message should not be sent via text either. And that sending of certain pictures is not allowed.

3. Set punishments for infractions.

Let your kids understand that if they break your rules, they will have to be punished. And the best way for them to not take your threat lightly is to ask them exactly how they should be punished in the event that they break any of the rules you have set. Doing this will also make it less likely for them to lash out on you for being “unreasonable” since they were the ones who set the punishments in the first place. Overall, the thought that they could lose their smartphone as easily as they got it would make them respect the use of the gadget better.

About Author: Peter Harrington is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as Protect Your Bubble He enjoys reading and writing about the latest and greatest Android gadgets and apps.

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