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Being able to browse the web on the go is one of the most useful benefits of today’s smartphones and tablet computers. You will really appreciate how can get information at your fingertips whenever and wherever you may be – as long as you have access to data signals, of course. But what if you can’t access a fast Internet connection? What if your device has inferior specs that it is capable of rendering web pages at a speed you want?

It’s really a bother when you have a high end device with excellent connectivity options but you can’t find a good enough LTE or 3G connection to the Internet. Similarly, it’s a problem when you have super-fast web connection available but your device falls short when it comes to the specs. If you are encountering issues similar to these, the following tips should be very useful.

1. Use a fast mobile web browser.

Faster Web BrowsingThe web browser you use is a very important factor. If you stick with the standard web browser pre-installed with your device, you may not be able to browse the web at optimum speeds. There are many web browsers available and they vary in performance. None of them is perfect but you should be able to find one that suits the specs of your device and the kind of Internet connection you can access.

One of the best options you can use is Opera Mini. It is easily one of the fastest if not the fastest mobile web browser available. It has its limitations but the range of advantages it offers overwhelms whatever drawback it comes with. It is not exclusive to mobile browsing, though. You can try Opera Mini for PC and experience numerous benefits. Even if you’re running machine with inferior specs, you can enjoy great speeds by using this browser.

The following features of Opera Mini make it a great alternative browser:

  • Optimization – Opera Mini is clearly optimized for mobile use, to require very minimal resources and bandwidth. It is coded to be very light so you don’t need a fast processor or ample amounts of RAM. It can run in almost all low-end smartphones without any problem. 
  • Server-based Rendering of Pages – Another advantageous feature of Opera Mini is its server-based rendering. The images, JavaScript, and other elements of websites are rendered first on Opera’s servers before they are shown on the mobile device you are using. This makes browsing less taxing and faster on your device. This allows your device to view full websites without encountering major hiccups because of scripts, ads, and pop-ups. 
  • Data Compression – This is mostly applicable to the images you see on web pages. Opera Mini provides the option to view images in low, mid, and high quality versions. All of which have been compressed to make rendering and data transmission faster. This is a great boon for your mobile data bill. You can experience up to 90% reduction in your data consumption by using Opera Mini. 
  • Full Page Display – Despite being a mobile web browser, Opera Mini shows full pages by default. If there are elements it can’t load, placeholders are used to attempt to display a page without layout distortions.

2. Access the mobile version of the site you want to access.

If you find it cumbersome installing a new browser for your device, there’s another reliable solution you can use: accessing a site’s mobile version. Many websites at present come with their respective mobile versions to be easily accessible for mobile users. Mobile versions are usually loaded automatically once it is determined by the servers that it is a mobile device that is accessing the website. For some, however, you may still have to click on the “Mobile” toggle to go to the mobile version.

Mobile versions of websites are optimized to use minimal bandwidth and system resources. They don’t include complicated tables, frames, and big images to ensure a smooth browsing experience. Loading the mobile version of websites is a great solution to address the problems of poor device specifications and low Internet connection speed.

You don’t really have to immediately upgrade to a better web connection subscription or a high end device if your only goal in accessing the web is to look for information. Your old device and slow ISP could still suffice with the right tweaks and browsing methods.

Author’s Bio:

Jimmy R is an Internet junkie who swears he can’t last a day without being able to go online. That’s why he is keen on finding solutions to address various web browsing problems. He recommends Opera Mini for PC as a reliable solution to slow web browsing or sluggish page loading.

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