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In this article you’ll find a simple, easy to follow guide to Google +, with recommendations on how to share your Circles, make your posts stand out, and get noticed by the right people. How to take advantage of the different social tools Google Plus offers. The benefits G+ can have on a personal and a business level.

Google Actions - Create circles in Google Plus

Once you learn how to create circles in Google Plus and have started sharing your posts with: Friends, Work,

and personalized circles you’ve created. Lets take it to the next level. How about sharing your circles?

1) After you’ve created and filled your circle, lets share them to the public. To do so is very simple: Go to your Circles tab , open a Circle you would like to share. Then go to the actions button (Figure A) and simple click share this circle. A preview of your post will pop up. Before you click share write a short explanation or intro to make it more attractive & inform people of what the circle is about.

Tip: to make it stand out more you can *make text bold* by using a star (*) as prefix and suffix for the text.


When you share a specific topic circle to your followers, the society grows. The majority of people who add and share that circle can start commenting, these comments will enrich your circle and solidify it.

Tip: you can include yourself in the circles by ? the box (Figure 2)

It’s very important to regularly keep up-to-date your circles. This is to clean them from; crazy “post-a-lot” posters, users who are inactive, any type of inappropriate posts and people who post things that have nothing to do with that topic. These people should be removed; they could have a negative effect on your circle. Edit the circles as you see fit.


Share Circles Ggoogle

The process is simply yet tedious and some may say not perfect, but its helped numerous people here on G+.  I can’t promise all the people you add to your circles will provide quality content all the time but you will enrich your knowledge in particular subjects and meet fascinating people all over the world.

sharing on google

Sharing Google+ Circles has become an important tool in SEO (We got our SEO miami ranking with the help of Google +). The importance of sharing specific content to specific people has made it easier for information to be found. With your Circles you know your information is reaching its intended audience. Connecting with the right people through circles will help you find a channel that will value good content.

I hope this was useful, if you would like to be part of any of my circles I welcome you to join and share them. Everyone even individuals in extended circles, will run into something that will peak their interest. Why miss out.

This blog post was created by: Donnie Stromppf and written by: Miguel Mendez, editor for Boasting BiZ.

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