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A Compact Flash (CF) card is a great way to store photos, music, and video files from your electronics device. Many top DSLR and HD cameras use the CF card as a durable option. The CF card is very small, but its storage powers can range from 2 GB to 64 GB. Retrieving stored files on a CF card is fast and easy compared to other cards on the market. CF cards can write data at a speed of up to 43 megabytes per second, which is almost twice the speed of other storage cards. However, sometimes due to damage, accidents, or mistakes, the data on your CF card can be deleted. But most people are unaware of how easy it is to get these missing files back on your CF card. Your missing photos, music, and video files are a few clicks away from being recovered using this easy program.

How to recover Photos from a CF Card Using Wondershare Photo Recovery

This program I recommend to recover CF card is called Wondershare Photo Recovery and it is simple and easy to use. The interface for compact flash recovery is beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to know a lot about computers or programs in order to use this successfully. It is easy, and there is a free trial so you can see how easy it is for yourself.

Connect CF card to your Computer

Your computer might have a space to insert your CF card directly in the side slot. If not, in order to hook up your CF card to the computer, you will need an adapter. Most electronics and camera stores should have this, or you can find one online at a good price. Alternately, you can leave the CF card in your camera or whatever device and connect the device to your computer using a UDB cord.

Download and run Wondershare Photo Recovery Software

Wondershare Photo Recovery

After you find a way to connect the CF card to your computer or laptop, you can then download the free trial of Wondershare Photo Recovery. Select “Start” to run the compact flash recovery program, and select the drive containing your CF card. For example, the E:/ drive, and continue. At the next page you can opt to recover all types of data, or you can choose “filter” to recover only a certain data type, for example only photos. Then hit the “Scan” button.

Recover your missing files

As the program finds your once deleted files, they will show up on the bottom right side. There may be a small preview of the photo file or video file, followed by the name, size, and other useful information. When the program has completed scanning, you should find all your files recovered successfully. If you selected to filter the results, only the type of file you selected will be recovered.

Final Step

Make sure you select these files and save them in a place other than the CF card to ensure that they are saved securely. Create a new folder on your desktop, or upload them on a file-saving website if you desire, to ensure that you will have your files when you need them. And that’s all you need to know how to recover CF card files using Wondershare Photo Recovery.

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