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Whether they’ve had it for six months, a year or several years, many businesses take the same approach to updating their blog. Because they have so many other tasks to complete, they put blogging on the back burner and don’t update it on a regular basis. As a result, they don’t bring in very many new leads or customers through their blog.

While it’s easy to assume that blogging just isn’t for your business, the truth is that if you’re not publishing at least one quality post a week, you may just not be maximizing the effectiveness of your blog. Since blogging has helped businesses around the globe, let’s look at exactly why regular updates are so important:

Search Engines Love Them

Google and Bing’s primary goal is to give their users the best experience possible. Because users want the latest information, part of these search engines’ algorithms focuses on boosting new content to the top of their results. By publishing at least one quality blog post a week, your entire website will benefit from this increased search engine exposure.

They’ll Build an Audience

The reason it’s so important for your business to have a loyal audience is because these are the people who will spread their word about your business both on and offline. And as you may have guessed, the best way to build this type of audience is to consistently deliver content that they want to read. If you’re concerned because you don’t know exactly what your target audience wants to read, you can find out by publishing posts and then analyzing their effectiveness by looking at metrics like visits, comments and social media shares. As you collect more data, you’ll be able to tweak and optimize your publishing strategy.

Consistent Posting Will Benefit Other Aspects of Your Marketing Strategy

A blog doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Because of the nature of the content that you’ll publish, consistent blogging will benefit other aspects of your marketing strategy like social media.

Customers Won’t Forget About Your Business

What’s great about keeping your blog updated is it allows you to stay on customers’ minds without doing the marketing equivalent of screaming in their face. Because they’ll be able to consume this content when it’s convenient for them, your business will be able to stay relevant without worrying about coming off as pushy or overly aggressive.

They Will Open Up New Opportunities for Your Business

Not only is a blog a great channel for communicating with potential and existing customers, but it also gives you an opportunity to position your business as an authority within your industry. By using your blog to make your opinion known, you’ll find that doors are opened that would have otherwise remained closed. Whether it’s getting called for a quote in a newspaper article or asked to publish a guest post on one of the leading news blogs within your industry, consistent blogging will make your business stand out.

Brian Waraksa is president of Raxa Design a Houston web design company. To learn more, follow Raxa Design on Twitter.

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