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Do you have some idea to create iPhone Apps. Its fresh new and nobody done it before, you wants to implement your idea and create the iPhone apps but you don’t know the coding – even you can’t write a single line of code.  No worry RadicalFlow will help you to develop iPhone apps without a single line of coding.

RadicalFlow is a web-based HTML5 tool. RadicalFlow  (RF) is a web based tool that allows you to build iPhone/iPad apps without knowing how to code. Think of it like opening Photoshop or Powerpoint with a blank slate ready for your creative input.  You can publish your apps through RadicalFlow if you dont have an Apple developers account or download the whole thing and submit to the app store yourself.

RadicalFlow - Let's Make Apps!

You design the interface, add buttons and create interaction, while RadicalFlow handles the backend heavy lifting. Then, once you’ve built your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch app, the company touts an added bonus — a platform to publish your product without having to obtain an Apple developers account.

This is what the creators behind RadicalFlow have to say about their product:

Create an account, start a project and begin developing your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch App. Using RadicalFlow’s (RF) web based Canvas Tool you can quickly design an app and connect it to your content. Test it in real-time with RF’s Producer App until you get it where you want it. From there we handle the submission process for you or download the project and do it yourself.


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  1. John Tarh says:

    Does RedicalFlow also support Android? Can we use use RedicalFlow with windows? Which browser support Redical Flow?

    • iphonehive says:

      Current RedicalFlow version 1.0 supports only iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

      RadicalFlow is web based and you can use it with the Windows operating system with either the Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers.

      Currently browser supported by RedicalFlow – Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  2. Sam Laird says:

    RadicalFlow’s (RF) is a feature project which need lots of funds. The company says it needs $75,000 to make the vision real for everyone and is taking to Kickstarter to raise funding. With donations open until May 26, RadicalFlow had raised about $3,500 at time of writing.

    • Pankaj Jha says:

      Thanks Sam,

      Yes! RadicalFlow is an end to end solution for designing, developing, deploying, maintaining and driving native mobile iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Applications.

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