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pprepaid phone cards complaints

Prepaid phone cards are the phone cards that are used to make international calls. These days people are finding more work overseas or going abroad for study or business. To make calls to their friends and family it would be beneficial if they use international calling cards, as they are very convenient to use. However, they have some complaints associated with them like the following:

  • PIN and access numbers that do not work
  • Busy service and access numbers
  • Useless cards as the issuers sometimes go out of business
  • Contained or secret fee and rates which might be higher than the advertised rates
  • After a call is completed post call fee which is undisclosed might be imposed
  • Sometimes a card is charged even when you are unable to make a call
  • Poor quality connections
  • Cards might expire without the knowledge of the person who purchased them
  • Per call fee will be reduced from the time.

What you can do when you face a problem?

First of all contact the issuer of the card, the number will be listed on the backside of the card. If it does not work then you have the right to file a complaint with FCC online. In your complaint form fill the details like your name, address, email ID, phone number, name and phone numbers of the companies who are involved in your complaint, your dispute charges, details of your complaint etc.

Other Problems

In case you face a problem with the local retailer from whom you purchased the prepaid calling card then call or write to your local consumer affairs department or your state attorney general. You can find the contact information of the above departments from blue pages or government section of your local telephone directory.

Sometimes, prepaid calling cards are marketed by companies, apart from the network providers and phone companies. If you have issues about the wrong advertising and deception then you can get assistance from FTC.

These are some common complaints associated with prepaid phone cards, if you face any of them use the above info to rectify them.


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