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My decision to fly is the result of persevering desire to do what you want when you want.

I’ve made ??a decision that I’ve thought over nine months, the time it takes to gestate a child. and I say it this way, because it is a stage where you form a new life, a new dream, and the challenge of teaching and help a new being, I say it this way because I’m ready to teach and help others have a desire to fly.

A decision that takes me out of my comfort zone, but I’m sure will bring great results for me and to see this blog and throughout Latin America wants to work with me and with a great team of entrepreneurs.

Nine months ago I was presented with a business proposal, which take only a healthy envy, a proposal made by a great person, an inspirational person, full of good attitude and willingness to help with every bump in the road, not only me, but his team of hundreds of people, a person who works hard and long to achieve goals and make others also achieve, my friend, my partner José Luis Serracin. Who introduced me to this project nine months ago and with whom I have worked hard to get where we are today.

Once accepted into this wonderful adventure, with the passing months, went from being a healthy envy to like, and of course commit enchant. Seeing positive results every day, thanks to the support of José Luis and teamwork.

Today February 2, 2013, is the first time I do a video blog, and I am very inspired by the past, my present and what’s to come, because I broke the fear of living my dream and enter the wonderful world of networks.

Thanks to Jose Luis Serracin.

In this block do not tell you to stop doing what you do and join the opportunity to take nine months ago, you just say you count with someone within a large company to help launch that you desire.

In this blog just telling you, I’m a person with a desire to fly and I worked hard for it, since my almost 35 years I have my ideas of where I want to be clear and how.

Amigo, Jose Luis, I dedicate this first video blog as thanks to your continued support, I wish you all the success in the world, many Blessings to you and your family.

To you who read me in this blog are my data below, if you wanna be part of the moment, contact me and we will do a video conference.

Remember: Life is like a chest full of immense possibilities.

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