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Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, Inc. said last year that Apple was working on “something really great” for the Mac Pro, which is due to be released sometime in the year 2013. Apple has revealed that we could possibly see an entirely new Mac Pro as soon into the future as this month.

The following announcement was made by MacDailyNews: “Apple will announce its replacement for the company’s Mac Pro lineup this month, a source who has been correct about Apple product matters in the past has just informed us.”

The precise date has yet to be announced, but reports are saying that the new model may be released in the month of May or perhaps June, but the release is most likely to take place in April.

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A French computer reseller made suggestions back in February that the update for the Mac Pro would happen sometime during the spring of 2013. Because of recent updates to regulatory statutes in Europe, Apple can no longer sell the current Mac Pro to any country in the region.


New Apple Mac Pro

Last year Apple released an update to production-line Mac Pros, but leading experts are anticipating a completely revamped Mac Pro with much needed new features still lacking the current model. There is expected to be a completely redesigned chassis as well as newer implementation of the Intel chipsets.

The current Mac Pro does lack significant, key peripheral support. For instance, the current model doesn’t support USB 3.0. There are a plethora of USB 2.0 ports on the current machines but that doesn’t cut it. The benefit of having USB 3.0 peripheral support is apparent among the technology community.

Aside from USB 3.0 support Apple has also neglected to release an updated Mac Pro to include thunderbolt ports. Thunderbolt is Apple’s signature super-fast, Enhanced USB 3.0 which is up to 30% faster than the USB counterpart. The updated model will undoubtedly include thunderbolt connectivity as every other Mac product has already included the port.

With the current model being the most expensive Mac in the Apple store line-up, experts are sure that the rumors are true and that without releasing a new Mac Pro the company could begin to see sharp profit losses.

As the world watches in anticipation, the experts believe Apple will have a completely new Mac Pro announced sometime this month or possibly May or early June at the latest.


Author: Joshua Lee (Google+)

Joshua heads the development and research division in the UK  for the Apple support company iFixExpress. London’s premier consultants.

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