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Private jets, extravagant cruises and limousine rides; luxury travel used to be only for the richest of the rich. Yet nowadays more and more people are travelling by such means, as technology has made access to luxury travel a lot easier in various ways. Recent research found that 58% of luxury travel agents experienced an increase in sales throughout 2016 and technological advances have played their part in this increase.

Increased Affordability

From the same study mentioned above, 55% of luxury travel agents claimed a growth in sales was due to a greater awareness of the value using a luxury travel agent can provide. The likes of cruises and all-inclusive holidays can offer decent value in some cases, with everything in one package. Much like other types of travel, off-peak times deliver the lowest prices as well.

Empty legs flights offer the cheapest private flying experience, though only for one-way journeys and there is no flexibility. This is when a privately chartered jet has to return to an airport and has empty seats, which can be snapped up at a discount. Technology has made it easy to find out what’s available even up to the last minute, both online and via apps.

Compare Online

The internet has made it incredibly easy to find and compare the prices of all sorts of luxury travel directly against each other. This has made the market a lot more competitive, from cruises to flights, as even luxury travel firms need to attract customers from as wide a scale as possible.

Comparing is simple, with many comparison sites and apps available, or it can be easy to just look at the prices on websites. With so much information available online, it’s even possible to find, add up and compare the prices of individual elements against a full luxury package holiday to see which is better.

Easy to Book and Manage

Not only is it easier than ever to find and book luxury travel online, but with many apps that are offered, managing and changing bookings is possible. This means many aspects of your flight, train or cruise can be viewed and in some cases changed if necessary, along with having the convenience of receiving the latest updates surrounding your travel so you can change your plans if needed.

Luxury travel is now more affordable and has greater transparency than ever before thanks to modern technology, leading to a rise in sales for the industry.

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