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After long 2 years waiting, Microsoft formally entered into the tablet market on June 19. At an event in Los Angeles, the company announced 10.6-inch tablet called Surface. CEO Steve Ballmer announced the new tablet Surface, calling it part of a “whole new family of devices” the company is developing. Microsoft, however, did not announce any prices. The company said that prices will be competitive with other tablets running on ARM processors.

Microsoft into tablet market, unveils Surface tablets to take on Apple’s iPad

There will be two models of Surface:

  1. ARM processor that will support Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 on which only the Metro apps will work. The ARM version is 9.3-inches thick and weighs 676 grams. Microsoft said that Surface with ARM processor will also run MS Office 15, aiming to woo the professional users who have stayed away from iPad because it lacks a full productivity suite.
  2. The Surface with Intel processor will support all apps, including the legacy apps that people use on full computers. This version of Surface will also have a higher resolution screen, bigger battery, USB 3 ports instead of USB 2 and will run Windows 8 Professional.


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How Microsoft’s new tablets compare with the Apple iPad

Microsoft  tablet into vs Applie

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