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Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft for small to large organizations. It is designed as a centralized replacement for multiple web applications and supports various combinations of enterprise website requirements. It is typically associated with web content management and document management systems.

Multi Purpose Platform:

SharePoint’s multi-purpose platform allows for managing and provisioning of intranet portals, extranets and websites, document management and file management, collaboration spaces, social networking tools, enterprise search, business intelligence tooling, process/information integration, and third-party developed solutions.

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Application development platform:

SharePoint can also be used as a web application development platform.SharePoint is designed to be highly scalable. It is capable of supporting multiple organizations on a single ‘server farm’. Microsoft provides SharePoint as a free product, sells premium editions with additional integration and functionality, and also provides SharePoint as a cloud computing solution as part of BPOS and Office 365.

Customization and configuration:

The product is also often sold as a cloud solution by local third-party vendors.SharePoint provides various methods for customization and configuration of web areas, all of which have granular governance configurations. Beyond basic page-editing, file-storing and custom design (‘branding’) capabilities, one of the more prevalent forms of configuration is the ability to install third-party customization called ‘web parts’ (i.e. widgets/gadgets).

Browser-based platform:

Sharepoint is a browser-based platform from Microsoft that allows for easier, timely and effective documents management. In many cases, it can be used to facilitate business collaboration between an enterprise and the web.

Once used in a business, it comes along with several benefits that every person going to use it will enjoy because it allows the user to gain access to a lot of information.

Sharing of information:

Therefore, the installation of sharepoint in an organization enables individuals to easily manage their joint websites, eases sharing of information by people across boundaries, is independent and does not make reference to any form of technology, its usage is not different with that of Microsoft word and refers to many solutions based on the website.

SharePoint As An Organizational Platform When sharepoint has been used in an organization, it makes it easy to create a collaborative website among the employees.

Easy organization set up:

This is because the skills and expertise needed for such an accomplishment are very minimal thus turns out to be more favorable in an organization set up. It is easy for a person to access and fulfill all his communication needs and it does a lot of work if used properly.

Sharepoint does not handle issues like updating content and defining specific accounts since they come automatically.

Professional and effective CMS:

Sharepoint unlike other software is able to manage information in a professional and effective manner. With schedules, documents, issue log and budget, information management tasks are effectively centralized to the advantage of the user.

Using sharepoint as a business:

Using sharepoint as a business platform in an organization promotes collaboration among employees. This is because work reports are easy to prepare and present at any company meeting. What is Sharepoint furthermore enhance communication within an organization if appropriately used.

There is no need for a person to walk around the company offices passing messages to specific individuals since that is centrally managed using sharepoint. Information is equally available to the intended person at the right time and there are no cases of delay or distortion.

Privileges Management:

The recipient receives his message in its original form and on time which enables him to send a reply if any. Every employee is accorded specific privileges as per their needs thus everybody gains access to information that is helpful to him only.

Employees will only handle what is theirs, supervisors deal with what concerns them and any other person in an organization will follow the cue.

Business processes in an organization are made automatic under a sharepoint. There is no need to stress yourself making a certain process successful when sharepoint is there to take care of that.

Dashboards /Cockpit:

Dashboards are in addition easy to create using specific parts of the web like charts and key performance indicators courtesy of sharepoint.

Integrate with other data sources:

The other big advantage of using sharepoint in an organization is that it is easy to integrate with other existing data sources without difficulties. If you have been having a lot of problems related to data management, communication and any other area in your organization then the solution lies with sharepoint. Buy one and you will see a change

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