Both LG and Nokia have a good reputation for manufacturing quality smartphones and these particular handsets are no exception. Both the Optimus 7 and the Lumia 610 have positive and negative points but there is plenty to recommend each one for consideration. Both of the handsets use a Windows Phone operating system which does help to make it easier to compare their features. Windows Phones are now just catching up with Android in terms of popularity but are very easy to use and come with some great apps.


The internal memory on the LG Optimus 7 is 16 GB which is double that of the Nokia Lumia 610 and neither of the handsets has been given a slot for a microSD card, so that is all you get. For the average user a handset with 8GB of internal memory is fine as not everybody wants to store a lot of photos or music, but this might not be enough for those who do.


The camera featured on the LG handset has 5 megapixels, a built in flash and the ability to record video footage. The Lumia 610 has been given similar qualities and with apps that help to take a good quality image there is very little to complain about here. If the user is only looking for a handset that can take a fairly good photo from time to time then either of these will do the job.

Only the LG has 3G Internet

Connection options include 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the LG handset but the Lumia does not have 3G. Both include a radio and users will find that surfing the web is easy with either of these phones.


The Lumia 610 has the bonus of a good quality battery that will take most users well into a second day of usage. This is fairly evenly matched by the battery on the LG Optimus 7. As battery life is one of the features that most users look for it is safe to say that there would be no issues with either of these phones.

Overall Design

The design of each handset is fairly similar. Each has a touchscreen and a few physical buttons and ports around the edges. These include the 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB. Each looks very good and in keeping with the trends in the smartphone market these days. The reasonably good screens are perfect for viewing images, websites and emails. Colours are sharp and images clear.

Decision Time

Nokia handsets have improved a great deal since the adoption of Windows Phone for an operating system and the LG handset is a good match for it. One of the most important features on the LG handset is going to be the amount of internal memory as for most users this makes the lack of microSD slot unimportant. The Lumia does fall down on this point and as it does not have as many connection options as the LG handset then it would seem that the Optimus 7 has been given something of an edge on the Nokia handset.

Phil Turner has his own opinions as to the best smart phone, but so does everyone else and no two opinions are the same.