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On this article we will cover both the Hardware and Practical capabilities of Laptops and Netbooks in order to compare them and help you choose the one that will suit your specific needs.

Some hardware details:

Netbooks are always lighter than the laptops. They usually have screens ranging from 12 to 17 inches and weigh around 5 to 6 pounds. Ideally, a netbook computer has the same features as larger laptop computers but this is not always the case.

Netbook computers are relative newcomers to the computer market. The general definition for a netbook computer is that they are smaller, less powerful and less expensive than laptop computers. However their production already has been decreased by manufacturers because of the tablets arising on the market.

Practical Use:

The main advantage of notebook compared to its opponent obviously is its weight as we saw in the data mentioned up there. Notebooks are the way to go if you plan to be on the move a lot and still need a computer to work on everywhere you go.

However, cheap laptops clearly have the advantage when it comes to entertainment and gaming as previously seen upward. This superiority is due to its components that are better, more robust and also more expensive. Which leads us too two advantages that go towards the Netbook. It’s cheaper price and the fact that it’s way lighter and much easier to carry around.

Laptops usually last longer than the netbooks, and they are widely used in the field of video games or video and photo editing. In this way they make a much more polyvalent solution than netbooks which also suffers from a low battery life. You can count around 1 to 2 hours of battery usage for an average netbook which is pretty low. Plus the fact that you won’t find any DVD player on Netbooks.

To recap:

Laptops have the advantage of being much more versatile compared to Notebooks: With a good hardware you’ll be able to:

  • Play video games
  • Watch movies
  • Burn DVDs
  • Edit both photos and videos
  • Enjoy a relatively long lasting battery
  • Profit of a good lifespan

On behalf of those characteristics they’ll be more enjoyable for gamers, people working on creative jobs such as photographs and those who simply enjoy watching movies or knowing that they have a good gear at hands reach.

Whereas netbooks have the advantage of being easy to carry around, however given their low hardware capabilities and low battery life you should not expect to use it for anything else other than working for a few hours while you’re on a trip or whilst on the move. Their price however can be a buying argument. This is why we recommend cheap netbooks from Argos as they are suitable for low budgets or people that do not have the space to keep a laptop whether because of where they live or because they move around a lot.


Laptops tend to be replaced by computers when it comes to very hardware needing task such as Gaming or using programs that require a lot of RAM.

Netbooks in their case tend to be replaced by Tablets. Which suffer of a worst hardware equipment but still propose a better software experience making the everyday use more fluid and intuitive (iOS is a good example). Offering the same task covering as netbook (text editing, music player etc…) while sometimes having a better autonomy!

Recently the production of notebooks have slowed down because of the rise of those tablets replacing netbooks that became too obstruing compared to the power they give instead of tablets.

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