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Social media has become an extremely popular marketing tactic for many businesses. Companies are realizing that social media allows them to connect with their customers in real time and provide these customers with information about their company. If your company is going to have a social media presence, it’s important that you have a tool, policy or staff members on hand that can help monitor your social media efforts. Having knowledge about what is being said about your brand through social media channels is extremely important, and the following are four reasons why you need to invest in social media monitoring.


1. Build relationships.

When you monitor social media, you can build a relationship with your customers. You can keep a close eye on what your customers are saying about you and interact with them on a more personal level. Social media provides your business with the opportunity to answer questions for your customer, inform them about upcoming promotions and interact with them, and these relationships are what will keep your customers loyal to your brand.


2. Gain feedback.

If your company has a social media presence, your customers may turn to these channels when they have something negative or positive to say about your company. This allows you to learn what your company is doing right and where you need to make improvements. If a customer complains about an experience with your company through one of your social media sites, you can use this information to determine if you need to make a change at your company. By monitoring your social media account, you are able to see these posts and learn from them.


3. Determine your target market.

Social media allows you to learn more about the people who are following you, which gives you insight into who exactly makes up your target market. It’s possible that you thought your target market was one group of people, but in reality, you may find that your target market has shifted. By monitoring this information, you can keep updated info on your market and continue marketing to them effectively.


4. Manage a crisis before it escalates.

When you monitor your social media accounts, you will be alerted to an online issue immediately. Negative posts, videos or photos can be relayed to your company right away so that you can take the necessary steps to manage it before it gets worse. Just think that the world may never know about the Domino’s incident or the United Airlines mishap had they been monitoring their social media accounts.


Social media is a great tool for your business, but it is used best when it is monitored. If you have the staff, you can always try to monitor your social media account by yourself. If not, you can always invest in tools like Hootsuite or hire an outside agency like Radian 6 to help you.


By monitoring your social media presence, you can build relationships with your customers, learn more about your target audience and help manage any online crisis that can arise.

This and many other educational articles helping web professionals understand the challenges of the web have been prepared for you by Caroline Jones thanks to SEOMap – the keyword strategy experts.

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